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3 Essential Tools For Effective Linux Based Web Development Process

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Linux offers excellent web development environment but only if the right tools are used. There are numerous tools that can be used for Open-Source web development projects. Linux is regarded as one of the best development environments of modern technology. With the right set of tools, the web development process can reach the heights of success. But the question that comes to mind: how effective would they be in handling the scenario? Looking into this matter, I have picked 3 of the best tools that most of the reputed web developers prefer to use when undergoing Linux-based web development process.




This tool is extremely easy to use. It is basically a WYSIWYG Web authoring tool that the nontechnical users will find useful when developing professional websites. Even if you don’t have prior knowledge of HTML, this tool will be helpful in letting you develop professional websites with ease. This tool also offers the option to open a website from the URL, edit it, and then upload the edited site. With KompoZer, it becomes easier to switch between WYSIWYG and code editing with a single click.




When looking for IDEs for web development, Bluefish can well be one of the better options to consider. Not only does it handle the markup and programming languages in a better way, it also focuses on developing interactive and dynamic websites in the best possible way. It is a very lightweight tool and has the ability to open multiple documents, all at the same time. Houston web development agencies, regarded as best in the United States, also favor using Bluefish because of the essential features it provides. Some of these include remote file support, unlimited redo/undo, project support, search and replace (including regular expressions), customizable syntax highlighting for many languages, multiple encodings support, and anti-aliased text in windows.


Quanta Plus


This is basically an HTML development tool that capable of both Hand Coding and WYSIWYG. It supports CSS, XML, XHTML, PHP, and HTML. Some of the essential features include live preview, CVS support, project management, on-the-fly tag completion, and plug-in based subversion support. However, this tool would be ideal for technical users looking for a suitable WYSIWYG editor.


LINUX is one of the happening platforms when it comes to developing interactive web apps and portals. Therefore, you must consider the right set of tools to utilize the benefits in the best possible way.

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