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3 Most Promising UI Web Development Trends Of 2018

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The scenario looks much promising for the mobile web development professionals in 2018. The latest development in UI designing approaches have opened a wide range of opportunities and made it easier for the web designers to develop mobile websites in a better way. The end result: more productive outcome.


When it comes to UI design trends and opportunities, the world never stops spinning. Every now and then, there are new trends coming up to challenge the capability of designers. With the advent of this New Year, certain trends in UI design have looked to be highly promising when it comes to Android and iOS app development. Let’s start:


Making a major shift to video-centric design from static content 


This is one of the most popular UI designing trends of 2018 that looks highly promising. Video-centric designing helps in creating a more eye-catching appeal before the visitors than the brand. The use of video-centric designing approach has proved to be extremely effective when it comes to developing the user interface for mobile apps. Full-screen video contents are overpowering the static images because of their ability to engage the clients and visitors in a better way. The inclusion of video elements in UI designing interface has proved to be more dynamic and visually appealing when compared to static images. If utilized properly, it would help in improving the user experience beyond comparison.


Borderless displays


This is the most happening trend for mobile apps. Leave aside the inclusion of vibrant colors; designers are focusing more into a borderless display to capture maximum attention of the users. In fact, UI designing approach relies highly on a story like presentation that can be achieved best using borderless display. The borderless display concept can be seen in many of the latest smartphones these days.


The inclusion of cards in mobile and web apps


Houston, one of the leading centers of UI web designing projects, has started exploring the use of Cards for UI/UX designs. Although the concept is new for most of the UI/UX designers, the inclusion of Card helps in displaying points or information in a better and more detailed way. Cards can be used to include images, links, and text. In Houston web development companies often have the affinity to use a bunch of different cards to introduce contents of different elements of different topics. Also, this approach helps in using elements of different size and texture without opting for further modifications.


With the passing of days, more new trends in UI design will come and the old ones vanishing from the space. But the above-mentioned trends have the ability to stick around for long while benefiting the apps and making a positive impact on the potential prospects.

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