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4 Reasons Why Your Website Should Go Mobile

IOM Partners of Houston, TX - Houston Web Design and Houston SEO Experts

IOM Partners, Houston Texas, specializes in mobile application and mobile web design and development. Most business owners now understand the importance of online marketing, but as the majority of traffic shifts to  mobile websites, businesses of all sizes need to understand the significance and benefits of mobile websites.  Let’s examine why your WEBSITE needs to be responsive for viewing on mobile devices. Simply, why should your website “Go Mobile?”

Reason 1: Google has an index for mobile content.

Google has a separate index for mobile content, and for now, it is less competitive than the traditional web. Also, when users head strait to Google on a smartphone or tablet, the mobile index results are given page rank priority. Moral of the story: Your website is more visible for searches on mobile devices.

Reason 2: User Experience

Your regular website is not going to make the cut on mobile devices. There is a limit to the amount of display space (resolution) on smartphones and tablets. Ever get frustrated zooming in on tiny URL links only to tap an adjacent text link with your finger? Even turn the phone lengthwise and everything is still small? Creating clear navigation and a mobile compatible user experience generates more site activity, on mobile devices.

Reason 3: 1.7 Billion of Mobile Commerce in 2009

E-commerce, mobile application purchases and upgrades accounted for 1.7+ Billion dollars in 2009. People are shopping from smartphones and tablets more than ever, and mobile applications present the oppurtunity for additional and premium services, most purchased with a finger tap, without needing a credit card. This ease of spending is unprecedented in the electronic marketing world.

Reason 4: Users now spend an average of 13 hours online a week, compared to 7 in 2002.

Users have doubled their internet usage and exposure since the manifestation of mobile devices. Where a desktop or laptop used to be the main internet access device, users are accessing internet content longer and more regularly than ever before. This means that online marketing is more EFFECTIVE than ever, as you can reach users 24 hours a day, directly to their phones and tablets in their pockets, purses or nightstands.

-IOM Partners is a Houston Web and Mobile Development firm.

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