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5 Ways a Mobile App Can Benefit Your Houston Business

Houston businesses have come into understanding the importance of an online presence and marketing efforts. Now, as more e-commerce, browsing, and searching than ever occurs on mobile devices, mobile design and marketing is on the radar for most small-medium businesses. However, with the endless possibilities of mobile apps, its hard to visualize how an app can benefit a business. Here are 5 ways any business can reap the rewards of their own mobile application.

1. Ease communication between your business, and your customers.

Great apps allow customers to contact your business directly. Sure, they could head to a search engine or yellow pages and find your phone number, or they could open your app and click the “Call Us” button. If they want to share your posts, menu, items etc, they can head strait for the share button on your app.

2. Increase customer interaction and loyalty through specials, coupons, and loyalty programs.

Houston Businesses can send coupons, or notifications of temporary specials instantly, eliminating the need for mailers or email blasts. Even better, businesses could use a QR scan or punch card system to give users a reason to return to your business as long as they have the app installed on their phone. Here’s an example of the punch card system being used on mobile:


3. Send information directly to your customers.

Before, new information could only be shared with customers while they were in the store/location or through expensive and inefficient mailers. Now, Houston restaurants can update their menus, stores can add additional locations, or inventory can be updated, and the changes can be loaded directly into the user’s app on their mobile devices.

4. Push notifications

Many of the current standards of marketing are passive, meaning the user has to be specifically looking for it to see it. With push notifications, your administrators could make your user’s phones alert when you want to share new information. Imagine making a users phone beep when you have new inventory, a new special, or when an event is coming up.


5. E-Commerce

Obviously, monetizing an application would be high on the list of priorities for any business. Ordering and payment processing through mobile applications are as commonplace as on the traditional web, and can utilize existing technologies, like PayPal, Square and

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