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A Look At 3 Essential Web Design Layouts
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A Look At 3 Essential Web Design Layouts

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The success of a website depends on the kind of layout being incorporated into the designing process. It is the layout that plays a crucial role in creating that overall visual appeal for the site. To make things a bit more clear, let’s have a look at 3 of the most important design layouts for website development projects.


Fixed Layout


This is the most primitive web design layout. This is often the most widely sorted layout style and promises a certain pattern in the designing style. In this layout, the website components are basically packed within percentage widths or fixed widths. Whatever browser is used to view sites with a fixed layout, the components will remain in their fixed set of widths without making the slightest of change. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about this layout:

  • Pixel-based units to design page
  • Easy to design, develop, and customize
  • Heavily lower usability score
  • Overweening white spaces when viewed on large screens
  • Annoying horizontal scroll when users tend to view the entire elements


Elastic Layout


A lot of eminent Houston web design professionals prefer this layout for the website development purpose. It is basically a combination of fluid and fixed layout. But to be honest, it is often regarded as the best layout to consider. In fact, the elastic layout is the most widely used design layout used these days. The specialty about this layout is the fact that it packs the web elements based entirely on em-based units. Em is basically the square of the font being used on a website. It is a relative unit. In elastic layout, the font size auto adjusts itself every time the screen resolution changes.  Some of the interesting characteristics of this layout are listed:

  • Em-based units designing
  • Extremely user-friendly and simple to use
  • Requires highly skilled professionals for creating and testing this type of a design
  • Font-related unit designing makes it easy to view the site on different browsers
  • Additional style sheets are required to make its presence felt online


Fluid Layout


It is also a popular layout used for website designing purpose. It is often referred to as Liquid Layout. In this layout, most of the web elements for the website are being incorporated based entirely on percentage widths. It also makes the website work perfectly fine on different browser styles. Have a look at the essential points of this layout:

  • Percentage-based width specification for web elements
  • Eliminates excess white space when viewed on large screens
  • Eliminates horizontal scrolling for improved visibility
  • Offers multiple widths of images, content, and videos set up to fit different screen resolutions


Picking the right type f layout for the website designing purpose is a crucial task. It determines the success of your website. A properly layout based website improves traffic inflow to the site.

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