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Austin Web Design by IOM Partners of Austin, TX

Top Austin Web Design!

An outstanding web design is one of the most essential and fundamental building blocks of any successful online venture. A first­impression of your site ­ and by extension, of your business ­ will be created by the layout, the color scheme and other visual elements of your site before your customers even start actually reading a single page of the site. The importance of this first­impression can not be over emphasized – if it is not a good one, your hard­earned visitors will simply be gone in the blink of an eye.

Our Austin website design services have been carefully crafted to address this very issue. We specialize in providing a custom web design that fits your company to a T, in such a way that it immediately communicates the very essence of who your company is and what it does, while providing an overall user experience that will delight your visitors. We totally understand that just as no two companies can be the same, no two web design projects can be the same either and therefore, we tailor every aspect of your project, all the way down to the content management system that powers your site, so that it all suits your specifications and requirements perfectly. We will work with you to craft your design so that it matches your current marketing plans while ensuring that future campaigns and goals can be comfortably accommodated and implemented.

SEO Friendly yet Easy on the Eyes

There is a delicate balance between a site’s characteristics of being SEO friendly and good looking. A typical SEO is usually not proficient at the aesthetic aspects of a site and a typical designer, not at the SEO aspects. The combination of web design and SEO (an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization) skills is a rare one to find and this is precisely what IOM Partners – an Austin, TX web design agency brings to the table.

Easy to Manage too!

At IOM Partners, we totally recognize the need for the sites we build to be easy to manage so that the clients can manage them on their own and in order to facilitate this, we use popular and powerful Open Source Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla etc.

Content Management Systems – an Overview

The term Content Management Systems (popularly also known by the acronym CMS) may sound to be quite intimidating and technical but this is not necessarily so. A good, user­friendly CMS is a very convenient feature for a website that works silently behind the scenes. In fact, a CMS can be so transparent to you as the site owner that you won’t even know it is out there unless you actually go looking for it. A CMS allows you to manage and keep track of every single piece of content on your site, be it text or documents, graphics or videos.

In addition to the graphics design program, a proprietary CMS is created and deployed in some cases of custom designed websites. However, with a ready­made CMS, the graphics design and content management functions are integrated into the same system, making it easier to alter, update and manage your website via a unified interface. This powerful combination of in­house site manageability and ease of use empowers you to quickly update your site to accommodate new marketing campaigns and/or user expectations on your own, without forcing you to rely upon – or pay – an outside agency to implement the changes. Another huge advantage of a CMS is that it allows you to update your site from anywhere, with simple Internet access.

Expert Austin WordPress Web Design Services

It should not be difficult to maintain a website, and easy to maintain sites is precisely what our Austin WordPress Web Design service offers. WordPress is by far the most popular open source web design/CMS platform in the world today, that empowers website owners to take charge of their sites easily, so that they don’t have to rely upon outside consultants or agencies for simple tasks such as changing product prices or updating contact information etc.
WordPress alone powers some 16% of all websites in the world today ­ that is close to 58 million sites!

It happens to be an occupational hazard that many web design firms/agencies do not understand mainstream business issues. We are different here at IOM Partners. We thoroughly understand that technology budgets are usually tight and that many business owners want the ability to update/maintain their sites on their own, whenever they need to. They want this process to be easy too, and this is what our Austin WordPress website design service provides. We work hand­in­hand with you to create a WordPress site that is easy to manage and at the same time, provides the information and other features that your visitors/customers are looking for.

Here are some of the top reasons why WordPress has gained such huge popularity:

  • Free, open source software, so totally affordable
  • Very easy to use
  • Convenient accessibility from anywhere so updates are quick and easy
  • Fully customizable
  • Provides total control to website owners
  • More than 25,000 free plugins available
  • Provides multi­user capability

Expert Austin Joomla Web Design Services

As the 2nd most popular CMS, Joomal offers more or less the same features and functionality as WordPress. Ease of use is one of the powerful features of Joomla – an open source software too.

Here at IOM Partners, we specialize in creating an Austin Joomla web design that fits your requirements. If a custom CMS is not really required for your website, we won’t force it on you, even though doing so would mean there’s less money for us. Our final aim is to create a custom website that suits your requirements the best, and not to extract the maximum possible monies from you.

Here are some major advantages of the Joomla CMS:

  • Joomla was created in 2005 and has been downloaded over 30 million times since March 2012.
  • The power, the ease of use and the beauty of Joomal lie in the multitude of extensions available for this CMS – modules, components, templates, plugins and languages. Each one of the extensions handles a particular function, and you have the freedom select the ones to use on your site.  Design changes are handled independently and separately from the CMS, so you can easily change the look of your site, while retaining the same content.
  • Our Austin Joomla website design service can be used for a variety of purposes and applications, including regular and mobile­responsive websites and apps, e­commerce, online publication and more. Any person, or business of any size – large or small, ranging right from Fortune 500 companies to the smallest individual blog publisher can use our Joomla web design service.
  • Substantial cost savings is one of the major advantages of Joomal web design. Since Joomla is open source, it is free to use. Over and above that, it helps reduce maintenance costs greatly by allowing you – the site owner – to easily manage the site content on your own.

Austin Mobile and Responsive Website Design

In the present day and age, you are losing customers and sales if your site is not mobile­friendly. With the massive popularity and user­base of smartphones and tablets, customers at large expect to find the information they need instantly, on any device of their choice. If your site doesn’t work properly on their device and they can’t find what they need, they will simply – and quickly – move away from your site and in all probability, go to one of your competitors.

According to Google, as many as 96% of users have encountered at least one site that was not mobile­friendly, and 48% of those said they felt annoyed and frustrated by the experience.

In addition to that, it has also been revealed that a massive 67% of visitors are more likely to buy from a site if it is mobile­friendly.

And so, the bottom line question is, do you want to risk annoying – or losing – your current and potential customers? If the answer is no, you can do yourself a big favor by letting IOM Parters’ Austin mobile website development team design a mobile ­friendly website for you with which, your visitors and customers can find what they need from your website quickly, easily and conveniently.

It Takes More than a Great Web Design for Success

No matter how great your mobile website design is, it won’t do your business much good if your potential customers can’t find your site, would it now? Like any other website, even the one with a great mobile design, regardless of whether it is built with WordPress, Joomla or a custom CMS, needs to be marketed and promoted effectively in order to generate traffic and achieve sales. IOM Partners is your best friend here again. Our web design, development and marketing teams will provide you not only with the long­term support essential for launching your Austin mobile website, but also ensure that it is marketed and promoted in the most scientific, effective and beneficial fashion.

Traffic analysis and customer feedback received after a successful launch of your mobile website may uncover a need for additional mobile applications to help provide unique solutions to your customers and to expand the reach of your brand. In such a scenario, IOM Partners can also help you out with tasks such as iOS mobile app development, iPhone mobile app development, iPad mobile app development and Android mobile app development.