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Can Web Developers Play Positive Role In Improving The SEO For A Site

There is an uncanny relationship between web developers and SEO teams and it can be something better described as contentious. Always keep in mind that unrelated technical decisions by the web development team can have a severe impact on the organic search traffic. But then, you must keep in mind that there are some great SEO benefits that can be experienced when the SEO team works in conjunction with web developers.


The role of web developers in optimizing the website’s search engine directory presence 


SEO self-sufficiency


Web developers can help in identifying various ways to make the SEO team self-sufficient in approach. This will help in freeing the developers from responsibilities of undergoing mundane work. Is it possible for the SEO team to edit the canonical tags by their own (or via a bulk upload)? How can the SEO teamwork without being dependent on the developers? In places like Houston, web developers work with the SEO experts to form a conjunction that helps in reflecting the improvements of the web development phase in a more organized and self-sufficient way. The SEO team is guided by an expert web developer houston to let them acquire knowledge on handling certain minute tasks on the website modification and editing on their own.


Crawling through errors


Handling errors are the most crucial part of the process. For bigger sites, having a marginal amount of error may not cause much of problem. However, if you have a small e-commerce portal, even 10 errors would result in creating a bigger problem for the site. The errors play a negative role in measuring the site’s overall performance. It would result in affecting the health of the site and sooner than later, the site will lose out on its ranking part. Managing the quality of a website is one of the toughest tasks for a web development team. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on specifics while avoiding subjective statements like THIS SITE HAS LOT OF ERRORS. Be fast in your approach to figuring out the pages or sections that are throwing the errors. This is necessary to quickly resolve the part and provide an effective solution.


The SEO team will never be developing contents for the site. It is the primary responsibility of web developers. When developing contents, never stay out of originality and simplicity. Also, it is necessary to develop informative content that can be a value addition to the site.

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