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How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post

Social media is without a doubt one of the most potent ways of reaching out your audience, and hence you must focus on making the most out of it. Now, in order to do that, you need to create those perfect posts. However, this can be quite tricky, as different social media platforms serve different purposes and cater to diverse audiences. Therefore, you need to create your posts accordingly. Here, we are going to take a look at the ways you can create the most amazing posts for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Creating Posts on Facebook

  • Provide Information- Give information that would appeal to your users but don’t give it all. This would entice them to click on the link.
  • Provide link – You should provide an active link on your post. You must make it a point to use URL shortener to shorten the URL of the website.
  • Include Images – Images make your post more exciting. However, you must use simple images, optimized for mobile viewing.
  • User Engagement – Try to engage in a conversation with your followers for enhancing the attractiveness of your brand.

Creating Tweets on Twitter

  • Give a clear ‘Call to Action’ (CTA) in the tweet so that your users know what to do.
  • Don’t ignore grammar. Try to avoid abbreviations.
  • Shorten your URLs using bit.ly
  • You can mention the name of influencer to get a response from them and engage with them.
  • You can add an image on your tweet to make it look more attractive.

Creating Posts on LinkedIn

  • Stay up to date – Your post should be reliable, informative and up to date.
  • Use concise description – You can use concise description to attract the attention of the user.
  • Use LinkedIn insights – You can use LinkedIn insights to get a sense of what the user wants. You can form your posts based on that.

Some of the leading names in the field of Houston Web design, like IOM Partners of Houston are highly proficient in creating the perfect posts for your business as they also offer Social Media Optimization or SMO services. They use their in-depth knowledge of social media to create a post that leave an impact on your audience or business prospect. So, if you are in Texas, you can easily take the help of the leading names in the field of website design & web development, as they would help create the best posts that would certainly make an impact upon customers.

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The Mobile App Development Surely Needs To Be Customized

The web marketing is constantly evolving and it is about making clever changes so that your online business continues to remain in spotlight. Now, in this modern era the digital marketing strategies have been based around the mobile. This was initially a communication medium, but today you can use it to surf the net. In fact, the number of surfs via the mobile is just increasing and you will need to do something here. A clever idea of business promotion via the mobile is to create apps.

Now, just creating a simple mobile app may not wok any more. We spoke to experts and they had to say that one must opt for customized mobile app development. There are plenty of benefits in such a scenario and this one professional offering mobile app development Houston noted down several reasons why you are better of going for the customized option. It was a long chat, we had with the professional and let me just share with you, the fine print.

It is for certain to improve efficiency:

The professional explained that a custom built app is done keeping in mind your business requirements and therefore, it is sure to boost up efficiency. There have been plenty of instances, where a custom built mobile app has been able perform diverse functions. This just negotiates the need of developing multiple apps for your business.

The customized app offer more scalability:

One of the key benefits of offering customized apps is the high scalability, which it has to offer. One should note that the regular app can only handle minimum resources or process. Now, just in case your business grows, the regular app will be insufficient to handle the load. The custom made mobile app is developed keeping in mind the growth prospects. It improves employee productivity and business ROI.

It is more secure:

If you are developing a custom made mobile apps, there is scope to add specialized features and you can now make it more secure. The general business app may lack these features and your data may be at risk. The custom made mobile apps also integrate with the existing software easily.

The professional point out that, there are just too many reasons for one to go custom for a mobile app development program. Now, the development part can surely be tricky and you will require some professional. He is ready to develop it for you.

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3 Web Design Mistakes That May Affect Business Productivity

Is your site not performing as expected? Is the potentiality of the site not exposed properly? What is it that prevents the site from over performing in the digital world? Well, you must keep in mind that developing an e-commerce site can be tricky. It’s not your daily dose of bread and butter. The ultimate fundamentals of e-commerce website development depend on two major scenarios: having a clear view of the human psychology and focusing on the minute stuff.

Try to envision the scenario on how people would browse, use, and view the site. What would be the end product be like? Well, these are crucial points to take into consideration. When designing a website for e-commerce purpose, conversion studies definitely holds a key to success. But then, do all of us follow this concept? Probably not! People, knowingly or unknowingly, make certain mistakes that prove to be fatal on the contrary. Let’s have a look at some of the most common web designing mistakes committed by developers when developing an e-commerce site.

Lacking a clear value proposition

This is the most crucial mistake. Basically, it’s the lack of clear value proposition that determines the overall success rate for the site. The Value Proposition of the site is probably the most important part of the process that helps in identifying whether traffics will get attracted towards the site or ignore the part. Therefore, testing the value proposition of the site is of utmost importance. Having a strong value proposition would help in answering the number one query: why people should buy from your site and ignore the services of the ones that have been there for ages?

Irrelevant product descriptions

Product descriptions are important elements for a site but often things don’t seem what they need to be. You will find e-commerce stores that don’t value these descriptions. As a result, they don’t include them in the site’s product listing page. Proper product description helps in identifying one product from another. Adjusting the images with the correct product description helps in offering a clearer view. This is something that’s necessary for the success of an e-commerce site. In fact, the irrelevant product description is definitely one of the major reasons for the failure of an e-commerce site.

Not a suitable visual hierarchy to consider

Having a suitable visual hierarchy is necessary to navigate an e-commerce site properly. It helps in making the actions easily recognizable because of the intelligent designing of the site. Now if the visual hierarchy is not maintained properly, things may get a little clumsy, resulting in making the scene look complicated and unsuccessful.

Houston is one of the few cities in the United States to witness rapid growth in the e-commerce sector. Doing business from home via the digital platform is becoming a priority for most of the people in Houston. And with the wider availability of Houston web design agencies, things look easy on the front end. However, focusing on the above-mentioned scenarios would be necessary to prevent the e-commerce portal from facing the heights of failure.

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Essential Qualities Of A Good Website Designer

You must understand the difference between a website designer and a website graphics designer. Yes, there’s a stark difference between these two. When planning to develop a website, it’s absolutely necessary to look for an experienced website designer to handle the process. You can hire a graphic designer to take care of certain internal elements of the web page designing aspects. However, the graphic designer will never be able to handle your entire website development process. Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to look for specialized website designers. Here, we shall be discussing 5 essential traits that define a great website designer. Let’s start:

Clean designing style

A great web developer Houston will always try to focus on creating a clean designing pattern for the site. The professional will try to make the pages clean and crisp while providing it with a professional outlook. More focus will also be given to creating a simple and effective navigation and layout. The designer will have a focus on every single detail for the styling and functional aspects of the website.

Easy to update websites

A good web designer will always play the correct trick when it comes to updating the website. The professional will make things easier to handle at a later stage.

Well versed with the latest technologies

This is what separates a great designer from a good one. A great website designer in Houston will always be well versed with the latest technologies and concepts. The professional will always adhere to the latest W3 Consortium standards, trying to utilize the CSS and HTML that would work with multiple browsers.


Creative minds are the best. That’s where great designers excel and try to implement creative ideas into the web designing process. Proper utilization of the ideas and implementing them as per the requirement is what makes the scenario more effective and distinguishes these designers from rest of the team.


A genuinely productive website designer will have strong knowledge of SEO tactics. The professional will design the site as per the guidelines of search engines like Google. Designing the site as per search engine rules helps in maximizing the search engine indexing statistics of websites.

These 5 traits are essential to focus on. You must make sure that the website designer being picked will have these traits. This will ensure best of results in terms of website marketing and overall productivity.

WordPress Apps Development
Tips On Mobile WordPress Apps Development

Developing mobile apps using WordPress is a popular choice these days. In fact, it always sounds interesting to use WordPress based contents in apps to make the entire scenario fall at the correct places. Once the website gets updated, the app also gets updated. Say, for example, if you are running online magazine portal, it’s better to let all of the new publications to be available in the app immediately. Any changes to the website will let them get reflected on the app too, without going for additional efforts.

There are certain app builders that prefer using 3rd party CMS tools to create app contents. If you are using a WordPress website, using WordPress as the CMS to create app contents can be a wonderful idea. WordPress comes with wide range of plugins and themes that can be used for customizing sites and apps. However, the developer needs to be careful enough when selecting the plugins to be used for mobile apps development Houston. There are certain plugins that don’t function properly in mobile apps. Therefore, it will be upon the developer to pick the correct plugin accordingly.

Focusing on the technical constraints of a mobile app is absolutely crucial. It can be rather a tricky process to integrate WordPress plugins. But then, there are certain options available that can help in making WordPress fit perfectly into the mobile app development scenario.

There are certain app builders that offer the option to develop mobile apps without the need for any coding. Developers with little technical expertise can also handle the part perfectly. Search the internet and you will find numerous app builders like Shoutem, Reactor, Mobile Roadie, Good Barber, Telerik, and many more. Each of these app builders offers WordPress support, thus offering you the option to integrate posts and comments.

In Houston WordPress development companies are available in plenty. But when it comes to developing apps that support WordPress, you may have to provide additional effort to figure out the best possible options. Look carefully to pick the best possible options that would meet your requirements perfectly. Seek suggestions from suitable entities. You also need to focus on the kind of services you are looking for. There are different types of mobile apps available. Each of these apps may cater to a specific sector. There may well be specialized services available to develop such apps. Therefore, understand your requirements and act accordingly in picking the best mobile app development services in town.

app development
App Development Is The Latest Trend In The Digital Marketing Space

Lately we have been witnessing a trend of accessing the net space through mobile devices. With each passing day more people are accessing the net via the mobile device. It is to cater to this ever increasing community that you initially resorted to adding responsive features into your website. Now, you need to do more because the latest trend is to develop apps.

We spoke to experts in the Houston region and they had to say that developing apps is no longer optional. It just offers your digital marketing campaign significant benefits and that is the reason for you to seriously develop apps. In fact, this one professional offering quality app development in Houston spoke extensively on this subject. Let me just share with you some of his thoughts on app development.

You can create greater business opportunities:

The professional says that app development allows you to create greater business opportunities but provided one is a bit practical. The professional insisted on the need to choose the app development platform quiet carefully. He had to say that if one intends to reach out to more users android is the best platform. It occupies 82% of the smart phone market and there is just no reason why you would not want to use this for your app development platform. It offers you the maximum reach to users.

You could opt for custom made apps:

One of the key features of the web marketing space is the frequent changes and it is no different in the case of apps. In fact, it is no longer an era of just randomly developing apps. The professional insisted on the need to go custom made. This is a must for business owners because the app development takes place keeping in mind business requirements. In fact, if you business owners can develop something custom made, it negotiates the need to develop multiple apps.

The custom made app integrates better with existing software:

The professional says that there are just too many benefits of custom made apps and one more issues is that, it integrates better with existing software. These apps are prepared keeping in mind you general business software and as a result, it naturally integrates better.

These are some of the thoughts, which the professional shared with us and also promised help to anyone struggling for new app development ideas. Hence, if you are looking to develop apps, but lack technical knowledge, one is free to contact.

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The Best Python Frameworks For Web Development Purpose

Python is one of the more popular languages that allow web developers to develop readable, maintainable, and concise code-based web applications. In the present environment, a lot of web developers are leaning towards Python because of its ability to speed up the development process while simplifying the maintenance part. However, basic Python doesn’t come with the built-in features that would help in accelerating the custom web application development process. To make things appropriate, developers usually opt for different Python frameworks that help in developing custom web applications in a more efficient and faster way possible.

Here are a few notable frameworks for Houston web development professionals that can be integrated when working with Python:


Zope is basically a sort of open source server-side framework for web app development purpose. This framework is based on Python. In fact, the developers can customize the functional aspects of Zope as per the requirements via the Python code. Zope is an object-oriented web application development platform that allows the developers to build custom web apps as per the business requirements. Zope also supports multiple versions of the Python programming language.


The pyramid is another extremely lightweight and fast web framework that can help developers create small web apps quickly. At the same time, developers can also take help of Python web framework to convert these smaller apps into larger ones easily. Additionally, Pyramid also helps in accelerating custom application development by providing features like template creation, static assets, viewing classes, and routing. In fact, developers can also extend the features and functional aspects of Pyramid in a rather seamless way by integrating different kinds of add-ons and packages.

Cubic Web

Cubic Web is basically a sort of semantic web application framework that can work with Python perfectly. The most important benefit of this framework is its ability to accelerate custom web app development via the use of reusable components referred to as cubes. In fact, developers can also take advantage of the vast library featuring information about reusable components to perform several common web development tasks in a more efficient way. This framework also allows programmers to use RQL query language to facilitate the development of modern web apps.

There are hundreds of ways to develop a web application. However, it takes only a few to understand the best possible options available to develop applications meeting the requirement of clients. The above-mentioned frameworks are only a few from a bigger group that can help in developing better web applications without causing much of difficulty.

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Mobile App Development – Follow These Tips

Developing a mobile application is not tough. Rather, it’s quite easy considering the range of tools and software options available in the market. However, you must focus on certain factors to make sure that the development process produces positive returns. Let’s have a look at some of the most crucial points:

Deep Market Research

Research is the most crucial part of the process. Research work will allow you to gather proper market statistics about the kind of app you are planning to develop. There will definitely be hundreds of apps of the similar kind available in the market. Look at the features and facilities they provide. It is always essential to understand what the competitors are offering. Reviewing these apps will make you develop some kind of idea in regards to the market demands. This entire approach will make you gather more knowledge about the targeted users, thus helping you towards developing a better mobile app.

Android or iOS?

What type of platform do you want your app to work with? Well, you can develop apps that can work great with both Android as well iOS devices. In this era of high competitiveness, developing an app that will work equally well for different platforms promise better success rate for the application.

Rapid Prototyping

Expert professionals of mobile Apps development Houston will always emphasize strongly on rapid prototyping for the apps being developed. Testing at every stage of the development process helps in ensuring that the app being developed is meeting the requirements correctly. It is necessary to gain user feedback to have a better understanding of the areas of the app that would require modification. Just keep testing at every stage with your BETA users and build exactly according to the need of your customer.

A/B test for quick results

A/B test is a must to perform to ensure faster output. This type of a test will help you understand what would be working on your application and what doesn’t. The primary goal of such a test is to understand the interacting level of users with the app and what’s their satisfaction level. Houston WordPress development procedures often move through a specific route. That may create a similar outlook for most of the apps. However, there’s enough scope for modification too.

Finally, once you finish developing the app make sure you include a suitable description in the “download” page to let users have a clear idea about what the app is used for.

mobile apps development Houston
Top 2 Platforms For Mobile Application Development

Developing mobile apps is an immensely popular and important activity these days. Well, I am not saying that you have to do it for fun or you are going to do it during your leisure time. Mobile apps development is a great career option to consider. The market demand is immensely higher and you definitely need to look into the prospects it brings. With high stakes around, there are certain areas that need your clear focus and attention. It is all about handling the process correctly. The intent needs to be there and in the most positive way possible. What you can do is not the part to consider. How well you can do it is what that makes the right sense.

Search the internet for the keywords mobile apps development Houston and you will find search results of high volume getting displayed on the screen in regards to availability of services and options. Yes, Houston is definitely one of the richest zones to offer services related to app development. Well, it is a great option to consider for your career. However, you must have strong proficiency in languages that are used for app development purposes. You need to have a clear understanding of the different platforms available when it comes to mobile app development.

Speaking about app development platforms, here are top 2 most popular ones to consider:


Xamarin is one of the most popular choices when it comes to developing native mobile applications. It has the ability to reuse business logic layers and accessing data across different platforms. C# is the language being used to develop this platform. It is a mono framework that helps a lot in enabling communication with the API of mobile devices. It is the perfect choice to develop scalable and robust apps.


PhoneGap is the ultimate choice when you are thinking about cross-platform app development. The major benefit of this platform is that it can be used to create a single app that will work on any mobile device. This platform works on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. A major advantage of using this framework is the fact that it comes integrated with a rich set of libraries for better functionality. Using it to develop apps helps in saving a lot of time. It’s extremely flexible and can develop different mobile applications without much of effort.

Apart from these two extremely popular mobile app development platforms, there are some other names like Sencha and Ionic that can be considered for the part.

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The Core Responsibilities Of A Web Designing Company

Figuring out a reliable web designing company is something that you need to do very carefully. A lot of research work must be carried out in order to make the best pick. There are different styles and approaches followed by different web development vendors. Some may appeal to you while many will not. Therefore, it is of integral importance that you talk to different vendors and place your requirement in detail. That’s the most important part of the process. Make sure you get the best deal, not only in terms of monetary savings but also services, to uplift your web development process. It’s all about finding the right key towards success.

A reputed web design company Houston will always focus on the needs and requirement of clients. It is always about offering services for the best cause of the clients. You cannot consider the options with careless intent. Remember, there will be different project requirements. A web designing company must be clearly delivered the requirement to make sure the correct services are provided. It is all about picking the right professionals for the correct segments in the project. Web designing is not only about one basic process.

When designing a website, one must focus on keeping the basics correct. It is the most crucial part of the process to ensure rich gains at a later stage. It is always important to handle the parts carefully but without a proper foundation, things will fail to fall in the right places. From a web designer’s perspective, it is absolutely necessary to focus on the requirements of the client and accordingly create the blueprint of the project to understand the best way to approach. More importantly, the best process will never be able to gain momentum if the basics are incorrectly handled. Remember, a strong foundation needs to be engraved upon which the requirements of clients need to be implanted. This is so crucial for any designing process. You must make sure that the scenario is handled properly and the requirements of the clients are addressed accordingly.

Speaking about keeping the basics right, it is necessary to ensure that you, as a designer, focus on responsive designing. That’s necessary and must be implemented on the project. Responsive design will allow a site to work perfectly in any browser and environment. It will also play a strong role in creating a positive impact on the search engine directories once the site gets launched.