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Venture Capital? Why not just leverage yourself and your resources effectively?! Make “Leverage” your favorite word. A rant from someone that knows.

There are benefits to Venture Capital (VC) funding.  There are great benefits in being acquainted with Venture Capitalists.  I, personally, just try to be good with people in general but try to make sure that I hang out with people that have ideas as well as investment capital and drive.  The issue with VC funding is that you put yourself in the mindset that you need Venture Capital as well as the allure of the feeling of being a mover and a shaker.

Do you love what you do?  Do you believe in yourself?

Here’s the key to everything else, business-wise:

  • If you cared, you’d do it.
  • If you were going to do it, you’d already have been doing it.
  • Nobody cares about your reasons for not performing.
  • Nobody wants to invest in things that won’t make them money.
  • People live on their own schedule.  Their schedule and life is not your schedule and life and you quickly figure out that you might not have been as big of a priority to the VC as you thought you were.  That’s not an evil or negative thing.  It just means that person got where they were, generally, required being connected, talented, and having a legitimate talent or skill, themselves, that they proved they were uniquely the best at and are likely busy doing other things that made them a potential VC for you in the first place!  Their persona, innovation, market-share, and leverages of various types made the forces of the universe respond positively and allow them the fruits of this.  It’s not that hard and is deathly necessary in order for you to succeed.  Learn to tell the world about yourself but keep evolving, creating, proving, and defining for the sake of doing it and the money will come.
  • Feel like you need success like you feel like you have to breathe.

Maybe not all of us were born into wealth but that’s not an excuse.  The key is to use what you have as effectively as possible.

Here’s my point:  Do you want to dance and pretend and wait or do you want to count on yourself, the thing you can absolutely best measure on this planet?

In my experience, a little research, a real talent, a solid product, a good reputation, and a little press go a LONG WAY.


Make a list of excuses as to why you’re not succeeding.  I say this because if you’re not doing it, you’ve made some sort of allowance or excuse.  You prevented yourself.  Once you come to this realization, a little bit of “keeping it real” goes a long way.  You might say, “I’m not a technology person.  I have no idea how to market myself online or I don’t have the time.”  That’s understandable but I will tell you that a little bit of discipline and research goes a long way in the online world, especially if you’re NOT in the online marketing/SEO service-provider space, as we are.

Once we realized that we were beating out talented people in Houston with our SEO, generating on average 2-3 leads a day for projects ranging from $1k-$5k each on average, we moved into other markets to see how much easier it would be, then, to move into other spaces.  We found that, though we were young and/or nonexistent in their space and decided to take on the Finance/Loans industry with a lot less money than them, we were able to move very agile and with some good writing, some good Social Signals, some localization, and some credible design, that we were able to very easily establish market positioning and start making money from a HUGE industry that we really had no participation or brick-and-mortar operation but people were hugely engaging people.  So much so that we had our first buyout offer within 4 months (which we turned down).

You can go the VC route but unless you’re us, competing against other talented SEO and online marketing people, you’re competing against a lot of people whose online presence is basically a “brochure” that is doing no work for them unless they physically meet someone with a card or brochure to the person and then the person manually goes and looks at that website.  Seems like it might be much easier and more realistic, now, right?

Take advantage of that.  You have a good business and are a talented person.  As Donald Trump once said, “If you don’t took your own horn, yourself, nobody is going to toot it for you”.  It takes very little to not have to go and find VC, waste time doing it, get into the BS world of it, and then find that your business hurt because you weren’t conducting the most important act of all when it comes to your business – DOING BUSINESS!

Of course, this is what I do for a living but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a plug.  IOM Partners of Houston, TX specializes in Houston Web Design and Houston SEO that is effective in impact, cost, and the fact that our work really actually works and works in a timely manner and it works ESPECIALLY well for companies that are likely not yours and do not specialize in this sort of thing.  Here’s the beautiful thing:  Venture Capitalists invest in companies that make money.  Of course they do!  But that means that they also TAKE money from companies that make money.  Do you believe in yourself?  If you were making money on your own, would you just give your company away?

Don’t give your company away.  Make money with it.  That’s the reason you went into business, right?  Or are you getting some types of trophies and awards that I’m missing out on?  It doesn’t take much.  It’s free to talk to us.  Give us a shout and we’ll give you some ideas!

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4 Reasons Why Your Website Should Go Mobile

IOM Partners, Houston Texas, specializes in mobile application and mobile web design and development. Most business owners now understand the importance of online marketing, but as the majority of traffic shifts to  mobile websites, businesses of all sizes need to understand the significance and benefits of mobile websites.  Let’s examine why your WEBSITE needs to be responsive for viewing on mobile devices. Simply, why should your website “Go Mobile?”

Reason 1: Google has an index for mobile content.

Google has a separate index for mobile content, and for now, it is less competitive than the traditional web. Also, when users head strait to Google on a smartphone or tablet, the mobile index results are given page rank priority. Moral of the story: Your website is more visible for searches on mobile devices.

Reason 2: User Experience

Your regular website is not going to make the cut on mobile devices. There is a limit to the amount of display space (resolution) on smartphones and tablets. Ever get frustrated zooming in on tiny URL links only to tap an adjacent text link with your finger? Even turn the phone lengthwise and everything is still small? Creating clear navigation and a mobile compatible user experience generates more site activity, on mobile devices.

Reason 3: 1.7 Billion of Mobile Commerce in 2009

E-commerce, mobile application purchases and upgrades accounted for 1.7+ Billion dollars in 2009. People are shopping from smartphones and tablets more than ever, and mobile applications present the oppurtunity for additional and premium services, most purchased with a finger tap, without needing a credit card. This ease of spending is unprecedented in the electronic marketing world.

Reason 4: Users now spend an average of 13 hours online a week, compared to 7 in 2002.

Users have doubled their internet usage and exposure since the manifestation of mobile devices. Where a desktop or laptop used to be the main internet access device, users are accessing internet content longer and more regularly than ever before. This means that online marketing is more EFFECTIVE than ever, as you can reach users 24 hours a day, directly to their phones and tablets in their pockets, purses or nightstands.

-IOM Partners is a Houston Web and Mobile Development firm.

5 Ways a Mobile App Can Benefit Your Houston Business

Houston businesses have come into understanding the importance of an online presence and marketing efforts. Now, as more e-commerce, browsing, and searching than ever occurs on mobile devices, mobile design and marketing is on the radar for most small-medium businesses. However, with the endless possibilities of mobile apps, its hard to visualize how an app can benefit a business. Here are 5 ways any business can reap the rewards of their own mobile application.

1. Ease communication between your business, and your customers.

Great apps allow customers to contact your business directly. Sure, they could head to a search engine or yellow pages and find your phone number, or they could open your app and click the “Call Us” button. If they want to share your posts, menu, items etc, they can head strait for the share button on your app.

2. Increase customer interaction and loyalty through specials, coupons, and loyalty programs.

Houston Businesses can send coupons, or notifications of temporary specials instantly, eliminating the need for mailers or email blasts. Even better, businesses could use a QR scan or punch card system to give users a reason to return to your business as long as they have the app installed on their phone. Here’s an example of the punch card system being used on mobile:


3. Send information directly to your customers.

Before, new information could only be shared with customers while they were in the store/location or through expensive and inefficient mailers. Now, Houston restaurants can update their menus, stores can add additional locations, or inventory can be updated, and the changes can be loaded directly into the user’s app on their mobile devices.

4. Push notifications

Many of the current standards of marketing are passive, meaning the user has to be specifically looking for it to see it. With push notifications, your administrators could make your user’s phones alert when you want to share new information. Imagine making a users phone beep when you have new inventory, a new special, or when an event is coming up.


5. E-Commerce

Obviously, monetizing an application would be high on the list of priorities for any business. Ordering and payment processing through mobile applications are as commonplace as on the traditional web, and can utilize existing technologies, like PayPal, Square and Authorize.net

IOM Partners are experts at mobile application development and design. We specialize in all platforms and types of applications, specifically Android App Development and iOS (iPhone and iPad) Development. Contact IOM Partners for more information about Houston Mobile App development, today!

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