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Create POWERFUL WordPress websites using WP-Types (Custom Post Types) without having to know any (much) programming!

WP-Types for Houston Web Design and Houston SEO with WordPress

WP-Types, a GREAT plugin for designing powerful WordPress websites without having to be a programmer!

Are you a web designer or maybe even a great programmer and need to create something more than just the standard WordPress website but don’t have the experience or maybe just the time (hell, maybe you just don’t feel like it) to do a bunch of custom code)? I am HAPPY to blog about this GREAT plugin for WordPress that allows you to build web applications, portals, social networks, and pretty much anything else you can imagine using WordPress and some intelligent form builders straight from WordPress. Did I mention that you need nothing more than WordPress and, obviously, the Web browser in which you are administering your site.

WP-TYPES is now my most favorite of new tools, aside from possibly Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, and Visual Composer.

Basically, you first create a “Custom Post Type” using “Types”. Today, I worked on a project that a friend, my cousin and business partner, and myself are working on together. It’s a portal for the Houston hip-hop scene that will allow artists to network and market their music. I’ll wait until it’s done to share the website with you. It’s pretty great and is getting built VERY quickly!

SO, you would create a Post Type for “Albums” which would be where users submit their music in a couple of SEO-optimized ways.  Include the data you’re collecting on the album and artist as well as the actual MP3 files and videos related to that artist and album and this is the database core of the operation.  This is done with “Custom Fields” within the “Types”.

Next, you know that you will need a form to get the information in from both your users that are submitting their work and other information as well as the WordPress admin that moderates and likely does some back-end work through the WordPress website admin area.  You do this through the “CRED” form creator.  This is VERY easy to do and uses some smart-tags as well as even a relatively intuitive and intelligent “Form Creator Wizard”.  I ended up not using it for this particular website because I’m an experienced Software Engineer and I wanted to have more control over how I presented the data on the front-end of the website.  This is accomplished using some simple HTML as well as your newly created Custom Fields and WordPress short-codes.

Next, I tested what I had built by adding some dummy web data that a standard user would submit and created some very simple “Views”.  The wizard was helpful here to establish the loops I was going to have to do through some of the information pieces and it did generate a pretty nice tabular layout for the way I had already intended on presenting my information.

Finally, I did some things with the WP-Types “Content Templates” to create the single-posts that are the results of the framework I’d put together so far and set some access restrictions on certain pieces of the site to entice users to sign up more in order to get access to the digital downloads we’re doing.  The documentation is AMAZING.  Wow.  They give GREAT documentation on the usage but also go into GREAT detail as far as even code samples and things to get you started.  I didn’t really do any reading and their step-by-step guide was really enough to walk-through using my own requirements to learn what the website was telling me to do.

I still have yet to use the entire suite and I am far from done with the web design as I see some really cool ways that I intend on using the API for to do some more detailed things with lower-level PHP custom code but I’m really very close to being able to do what I’ve wanted to do without really touching any code at all!  At under $200.00, this has been WELL worth the investment!

IOM Partners of Houston, TX specializes in Houston Web Design & Houston SEO but has clients nationwide that count on us to stay on the cutting-edge of things like this and it’s nice to be able to cut down on development costs when necessary.

I’m excited to see what happens when I get deeper into this with BuddyPress, as well!

Visit us online at and learn more about our Houston Web Design and Houston SEO services for any projects you might, yourself, have in mind!

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