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Discussing The Top WordPress Trends Of 2018

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Web development becomes easier with the help of WordPress. Nearly 30% of the internet’s sites are being powered by WordPress and most top brands rely heavily on this web development tool. WordPress is extremely user-friendly and anyone can easily use it for building a site, modifying a page, or developing blog posts. This web development tool offers a vast range of plugins to make a website customizable in its best possible form. And the best part: websites developed using WordPress are responsive and SEO-friendly.


WordPress trends are changing every year. Last year, WordPress provided us improved widgets for web development projects that would help in adding images, audios, and videos. Similarly, the change keeps happening with WordPress. New things start coming up to provide the most amazing effects for website transformation purpose. Considering this factor, let’s observe the latest trends or the ones that would have a positive impact on WordPress web development projects:


Introducing improved range of WordPress features


The latest version of WordPress promises much of improvements and fixes from the last version. Users will now be able to find it even better to manage the plugins, carrying out customizations, managing themes, and editing codes. Such a scenario would be highly beneficial for the developers as well website administrators.


Introducing WordPress video headers 


Video-based websites are the most popular trend of web development in 2018. Although the concept of animated backgrounds and video headers is not new, the present environment makes it a popular and must-to-include option for web developments. With the latest version of WordPress, it becomes easier to design video headers.


Drag-n-Drop WordPress themes 


With WordPress, you will never find any shortage of theme based layouts, free to download and use. However, the customizable themes don’t come for free. But then, the price you pay for such themes would be worth the investment. The latest feature for WordPress themes is Drag-n-Drop where users can easily customize websites without the need to write any code. These Drag-n-Drop themes are easy to use and promise great output.


Houston, the most populous city in Texas, has grown into a top WordPress based web development center in the United States of America. The city has emerged as a major outsourcing zone for web development services. Many web development services of WordPress Houston are being outsourced from other parts of the world. It primarily happens because of great market reputation and affordable pricing for the result-oriented services being offered.

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