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Essential Website Design Tips For Better Results

Having a beautifully designed website is required. The site must be able to fulfill the requirement of the users while being aesthetically correct. Developing a website that feels nice while meeting all the requirements can be sometimes tricky. Great designers often indulge in certain tricks that most of us fail to recognize while designing the website. Let’s have a look:


Understanding the fundamental rules for Type Design  


When you are considering good web design, a website is nothing but a bunch of text. If you keep this in mind, achieving success in web designing will never be a problem. In other words, the website is primarily about typography designs. But often web designers spent their lifetime perfecting the text designing part.


Houston, a small city in the US state of Texas, features some of the most promising web designing professionals and agencies. Houston web design professionals and agencies always focus on certain specific fundamentalism when designing a site. These are listed:


  • For the headlines, they mostly prefer using San Serif typefaces because of their starkness and simple design. The headlines are usually typed in bigger font size and made bold to make it easy during scanning.
  • When it comes to the text of the body, maximizing the legibility is the key to success. San Serif is again the preferred typeface option. The ideal font size would be 16 px – 18 px.
  • Never make the lines too big. The preferred length should be 50-60 characters.


The correct size of the photographs


The web world works through the formation of pixels. If the image being used for the site is not large enough, the entire appearance will look somewhat pixilated. Maintaining the quality of images being used in the site is crucial for the success of the design. When developing a site, ensure that the size of images being used fits the den perfectly. Remember, clarity of photographs definitely helps in adding that extra bit of credibility to a site.


Provide ample free space to make the pages breathe


That’s the most crucial part of the process. The design must not make the site and its pages look complicated. You must ensure that there’s enough free space for breathability purpose.


Remember, the key to a successful web designing project lies in understanding the universal rules of good designs and following them accordingly. But at the same time, move along with the latest trends and happening. This is necessary to make things work positively.

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