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How Utilizing the World’s Most Popular Social Media Site Can Help Increase Search Engine Rankings

With most of the population using Google to find local businesses, your website acts as the front door of your business. In Houston, SEO is an imperative part of your digital marketing strategy, and utilizing the tools available to you can bring customers directly to your website. Take note of these tips to effectively boost your Houston SEO using social media:

Optimizing Your Posts

It’s no secret that search engine optimization and social media work in conjunction with one another, so using your social media posts with proper Houston SEO keywords can help you grow your overall Google ranking. Facebook is one of the largest websites in the world, so it only makes sense that the powers-that-be at Google would rely heavily on Facebook to find relevant and useful content. Coming up high in Facebook search will lead you to the next step in optimizing your social media for Houston SEO – the quality of your followers.

High-Quality Followers

While buying thousands of Facebook followers can make your page appear popular, having fake followers will do nothing to your Houston SEO rankings. Google can detect the quality of your followers, so if your accounts have thousands of in-active accounts liking and following your page, you will not see a positive result. Google looks for relevance when ranking sites according to what people want to see, so the best way to grow your social media following is organically, through customer interaction, coming up high in social media search results by optimizing your posts (above) and a good overall strategy. While this can take a good amount of time, having an effective social media strategy will benefit your company overall, beyond increasing your Houston SEO rankings.

Encourage Sharing

Having your likers and followers share your content shows that your content is interesting, relevant, and that people want to see it. This gives Google the signal “this is important!” and helps to improve your search engine rankings. Getting people to share your content is as easy as building an interested audience and posting content that appeals to them, encouraging them to share. This roots back to the above two tips of building your social media following and optimizing your posts so that your interested fans can find you. Don’t forget: Sharing a link to your website when you can encourages people to not only share, but to click on your content, bringing interested customers to your door.

Locally Optimize Your Posts

Facebook gives you the option of location-tagging your posts. Showing that your company is indeed local by tagging your location in your business Facebook posts can help boost your Houston SEO rankings as well as work within Facebook’s algorithims to show people what is local to them when they search for local businesses.

Co-Market With Popular Facebook Pages

Facebook is a digital word-of-mouth, which as everyone knows, is the best kind of advertising. Finding a Facebook page related to your content with a lot of followers and giving them a reason to share your content and link to both your social media pages and your website can help grow your social media following and Houston SEO rankings alike. By offering a deal or a giveaway hosted by a popular page, no only will your content be viewed by a larger audience than your own, but will encourage people to share your content.

In today’s market, maintaining a powerful and tactical online presence is the key to your SEO. By creating an effective digital marketing strategy that includes optimizing social media websites like Facebook to increase your Houston SEO rankings, you will be well on your way to success!

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