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Houston Website Design - Houston Web Design - Houston Mobile App Development - Houston SEO
Houston Website Design - Houston Web Design - Houston Mobile App Development - Houston SEO
Houston Website Design - Houston Web Design - Houston Mobile App Development - Houston SEO

Top-Ranked Houston SEO

No matter how much time and effort you put into designing a great website, it only pays off if it can be easily found by your customers. That’s where Houston Search Engine Optimization / Houston SEO comes in to play. A search engine optimized site can dramatically improve your site’s chances of being easily found by search engines. And if the search engines can find you, your customers can still find you.

Why is it so important that your site is easily found by search engines? Because searches generate 41% of external traffic to websites worldwideIf you can only do one thing to your website to improve your bottom line, search engine optimization is it!  Whether you have a new or established business, customers expect to be able to find you online. As a business owner, you should make every effort to ensure potential customers can find you. More customers = more money, right?

But customers can’t find you if your site isn’t showing up on the search engine results pages (SERPs in the SEO world). Showing up on those results pages is crucial to getting found online as nearly 40% of online shoppers find places to do business with as a result of an online search.

Search engine optimization from IOM Partners can help you start ranking on ALL of the major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  We do this through a mixture of tried-and-true search engine optimization techniques combined with newer strategies that comply with all the latest search engine rules.

If you’ve noticed a slip in your rankings, we can help with that too. Search engines, Google, in particular, are known to change their search engine algorithms from time to time, which can wreak havoc with your rankings! Our search engine optimization team stays current with these changes to keep our clients’ rankings stabilized and in compliance with the latest rule changes.

The Nature of Houston SEO

Understanding how search engines work can be confusing and overwhelming. To make it easier, think about how you use search engines yourself. You use them to find information, and if you’re like 87% of search users, you don’t scroll past the fifth link on the first page, right?

That’s why it’s so important to include IOM Partners’ search engine optimization techniques into your website and web content. Well optimized websites rank higher on these pages than sites that have not been optimized, have been optimized poorly, or those that use ‘black hat’ or outdated SEO techniques. Higher rankings mean more people are likely to see and click on your website link, earning you more web traffic and potential customers.

Although the seemingly non-stop tweaking and changes in algorithms can be frustrating for website owners, they do serve a very practical purpose: to deliver the best results possible to internet users. Whether these changes have affected you for better or for worse, you need to play by the rules if you want to keep ranking – and we can help you do that.

Our SEO Techniques Work!

At IOM Partners, we believe the key to ranking highly on search engines is to provide great content and make it easy to find. How do we do this? Through several different methods, each with their own proven effect on search engine rankings.

  1. Keyword Research. Your customers will be searching for your product or service by entering certain keywords into a search engine. We’ll help you figure out which keywords to use and where to place them for maximum exposure.
  2. Content Creation. Your ranking is affected by much more than just your website. Anything that you’ve posted (or that has been posted about you) online impacts your rankings as well as your business reputation. Our SEO copywriting services saves you time and most importantly helps you create killer content that your target audience finds valuable and wants to share.
  3. Linking Strategies. Think of links as votes or recommendations. Every time someone shares something you’ve posted online, you earn a “vote” that demonstrates to the search engines that you have posted something that people want to know about. This is great!  This is exactly how you build up your online reputation and start moving up the rankings. We’ll help you create content that people want to share and post it where it will get maximum exposure. That might include your social media sites, your website, blogs, press releases, articles or even videos.

Smart SEO

Hiring a Houston SEO firm to help you optimize your site can end up boosting your search rankings…or it can backfire entirely and damage your site and reputation to the point of being banned from Google! That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your SEO / Search Engine Optimization firm is knowledgeable about the latest SEO strategies and practices white hat SEO techniques.

SEO marketing isn’t as easy as choosing a few keywords and putting them on every page. It’s become a more complex process, but also a more authentic one, aimed at enhancing the user experience. If search engine optimization is done properly it will:

  • Provide value to the website visitor
  • Rely on quality work versus quantity
  • Maintain compliance with Google’s Terms of Service
  • Include many different strategies
  • Demonstrate consistency
  • Improve the client’s search engine

Slow and Steady Wins the SEO Race

At IOM Partners we use proven SEO techniques to help your rankings rise in a natural manner. This doesn’t happen overnight. Houston search engine optimization is less of an action and more of a strategy. Consistently high-quality content that people want to read or view and share is the best way to catch Google’s eye. It demonstrates that your site is providing something of value to internet users. After all, Google is in the business of providing relevant information to search users.

With help from IOM Partners’ SEO services, your site can climb the rankings and secure a top spot that is highly visible. This is important since research has shown that 62% of search users click a link on the first page of search results. They never even look at what’s on Page 2.

We’ll help you get to that first page using various methods based on an analysis of your needs. We might try any and all of the following to organically, or naturally, boost your visibility to the search engines:

  • Article marketing
  • Press releases
  • Link earning
  • Link reclamation
  • Blogging
  • Media outreach and guest blogging

There are inorganic ways to boost your rankings, too. These techniques are designed to complement, not replace, organic SEO practices. Running paid ads, for example, is a good search engine marketing strategy to boost your visibility in the short-term.

As your search engine optimization partner, we will continuously analyze your site for success and tweak our strategy along the way. Our methods have proven effective on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

REAL Organic SEO

Getting noticed online becomes harder every day. This is even truer for local Houston businesses trying to catch the eye of a limited pool of potential customers. As more companies vie for the top spots on search engine results pages (those are the SERPs you’re always hearing about), you may have noticed that your old strategies are not working as well as they used to. Perhaps you’ve even noticed your ranking slipping further and further down the page.

Don’t panic, we can help.

One of the problems business owners are having is that even if they have used SEO techniques in the past, those same techniques may not be quite as effective as they used to be. Why? The answer is quite simple (and quite practical despite what a lot of people want to believe about the big scary search engine giant that is Google): Search engines are constantly tweaking their algorithms as they try to deliver better results to internet users.

This means that business owners, and the SEO plans that guide them, must constantly evolve in order to employ successful SEO strategies.

Not sure where to start?

The  SEO experts at IOM Partners of Houston can help. We use the latest techniques to improve site SEO, and most importantly we play by the latest search engine rules, which means your site ranks higher organically and attracts more customers with every search.

Organic SEO vs Pay Per Click (PPC)

You probably know that if your website isn’t ranked on page one of the SERPs, you’re missing out on customers. In fact, 87% of internet users never scroll past the first five listings on a search engine results page, showing you just how important it is to not only be on page one but to rank high on page one.

And if you think internet traffic doesn’t matter because you’re only targeting local Houston customers, think again. More than 47% of adults rely on the internet to find information about local businesses. So whether you’re big or small, targeting local, national or international customers, the internet must factor into your marketing efforts.

Time and time again we have seen customers who have dumped thousands of dollars and years of work into their website. It looks great, and it says everything it needs to say about their business, but it’s not getting any traffic because no one can find it.

IOM Partners’ SEO services can change all of that.

REAL Organic SEO Strategies

We use several different SEO strategies to improve a website’s ranking. Other Houston SEO firms will tell you to start using PPC (Pay Per Click) SEO (PPC) advertising and skip re-working your website because it’s a quicker way to get results. That’s only partially true. Yes, PPC ads can quickly drive traffic to a site and the ads do show up on the first pages of search results if done correctly, but they shouldn’t be your only strategy. Why? Because 70-80% of users focus on organic results and ignore paid ads.

So if you’re pumping all your marketing money into paid ads and not using organic SEO strategies, you could be missing out on up to 80% of potential web traffic.

Although we do utilize PPC ads in our SEO strategies they are not the primary focus of our efforts. Rather than concentrating on paid ads, our SEO techniques focus on improving your site’s natural rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. We take a three-pronged approach to organic SEO success:

  1. Create high-quality, relevant content that establishes your site as an authority in the industry.
  2. Use the keywords that your customers are using in their searches throughout your site, and in any offsite content, you create.
  3. Establish strong internal and external links.

Let Us Establish Your Authority

The new way of doing Houston SEO focuses on creating quality content, not pushing keyword quantity. This shift in focus makes it more important than ever to work with SEO experts like IOM Partners who can create useful content for your site.

As you improve your site with this type of content, you’ll notice more and more outside sites linking to pages on your site. This is good! Those links mean other users think your content is valuable. A link is like a vote. More links equal more votes, which makes the search engines pay attention to your site since they want to deliver the best sites to their search engine users. Over time, this results in your site ranking higher on the SERPs and establishes your site as an authority in your industry. This is where you want to be.

Let IOM Partners help you get there using proven Houston SEO strategies that will move you up in the search engine rankings, establish you as an authority in your industry, and do so in an organic manner to ensure the results stick.

To learn more about IOM Partners’ SEO services contact us today.  We’d love to discuss your SEO needs with you!

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