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Houston Google SEO

Houston Google SEO (White-Hat Organic Google SEO, Google Local & AdWords)
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IOM Partners of Houston, TX - Houston Web Design and Houston SEO Experts
IOM Partners of Houston, TX - Houston Web Design and Houston SEO Experts
IOM Partners of Houston, TX - Houston Web Design and Houston SEO Experts

Houston Google SEO Services

Google is so well-known as an internet search engine that it’s been added to the dictionary as a verb: as in “I just Googled that to see if it’s true.” Some people use this phrase even if they’re not using Google as the search engine! That’s how much we associate the Google name with internet searches in general.

In fact, Google commands 67% of the search engine market. Translation: smart business owners know they need to focus their SEO efforts on compliance with Google SEO guidelines if they want to be found in the search results.

Easy enough, right?

The trouble is, Google changes the way it searches for and ranks sites from time to time. Keeping up with all of those changes is something the average business owner just doesn’t have time for; but, if you don’t do it you run the risk of seeing your rankings slip.

That’s where IOM Partners comes in.

We can help you manage your Houston Google SEO project with very little on-going involvement on your part. Once we understand your business along with your internet marketing goals and needs we can create content, optimize your internet presence and analyze your web traffic for you. We’ll keep on top of Houston Google SEO changes and make sure your site complies with them.

Solutions For Your Houston Google SEO Needs

If the thought of keeping up with every Google SEO change that comes along gives you a headache, contact IOM Partners. Our Houston Google SEO services are designed to make it easy for businesses and organizations of all sizes to rank well with their target audience in Google searches without the stress of doing it all themselves.

Our Houston Google SEO services include:

  1. Keyword Research. We’ll research and recommend keywords for your site before we do anything else. Keywords are still of vital importance to being found by Google, but they have to be the right keywords, used in the right place and in the right amount or the whole thing can backfire on you.
  2. Site Optimization. This consists of placing your newly selected keywords in the appropriate places on your site, like the title tags, meta descriptions and titles themselves. With keywords in these optimal locations, Google can easily track them and index your site so it shows up in more search engine results.
  3. Building Brand Authority. Getting established as an authority in your field is a sure-fire way to catch Google’s eye and move up in the rankings. We can help you do this by creating high-quality content and placing it in multiple places – your website and blog, guest blogs, social media accounts, video sites, newsletters and press releases, trade journals and industry publications, to name a few. The more your content is out there, the more likely it is to get noticed and shared, which makes you look like an expert. Google is in the business of providing relevant and useful content to its search users so if you’ve got internet users sharing your content, Google is going to notice that and rate your site higher than others that do not have this authority established.
  4. Link-Building. This relates to building brand authority. Shared content is good. Let us help you create it so users will want to link back to your site or video or social content. Every link back to your content is a vote in your favor as far as Google is concerned.

We’ll Help You Play By Google’s Rules

These are just a few examples of how IOM Partners can help you work within Google’s guidelines to start ranking higher with the search engines. Houston Google SEO is an ever-changing and complex field that you must pay attention to if you want to remain relevant and visible online. Done correctly, Houston Google SEO services will boost your online profile and attract more web traffic to your site. Done incorrectly, you may find yourself missing from the search results entirely!

Don’t risk losing whatever current rankings you have on Google with a poorly executed Houston Google SEO campaign. Contact IOM Partners today for an analysis of your website and to learn more about how our Houston Google SEO services can improve your website, establish your business as an authority in your field and boost your search rankings.

Houston Google Local SEO Services

If you’re a brick-and-mortar Houston business owner who gets most of your customers locally, you need to add Houston Google Local SEO strategies to your marketing efforts. Houston Google Local SEO is a great tool for any business or organization that wants to increase visibility in and around the city they do business in. With Houston Google local SEO, you won’t have to compete with every other business like yours in the country for a ranking spot – only those in Houston.

Houston Google local SEO is Google’s version of the local Yellow Pages.

Search is still the number one way internet users find what they need online. Increase your chances of being found by your local customers with Houston Google Local SEO services from IOM Partners.

How Google Local SEO Works

Houston Google local SEO works very much the same way as national SEO. At IOM Partners, we use some of the same strategies that we’d use nationally to get your business ranking for the Houston area. For example, Houston Google local SEO will still involve:

  1. Keyword Research and Optimization
  2. Content Generation through SEO Copywriting
  3. Link Earning
  4. Social Signals

But Houston Google Local SEO will involve even more than that. You’ll need to prove to Google that you are a real business with a physical location that serves customers IN Houston, and tell Google precisely where that location is. To help Google figure that out, IOM Partners can:

  1. Help you create a local profile on Google+. This is where the information will come from for your Google Places listing (those red markers on the map that comes up first in searches for local businesses).
  2. Help you create a citation. This is basically a perfect copy of your local listing information (NAP: Name, Address, Phone) found online. Every citation must be exactly the same as the information found on your website in order for Google to recognize it and match it up to your business. The more consistent citations Google indexes, the more reputable your business appears. Keep in mind though, Google prefers quality over quantity and this holds true for citations.
  3. Locate and earn new business reviews. Reviews are vital for Houston Google local SEO, especially positive reviews. So if you have happy customers, ask them to leave you a glowing review! Not sure how to go about this? We can help. It’s easier than you think to ask customers for a review. We’ll link any review sites you use to your Google profile so that they will show up in your Places listing.
  4. Repeat your address over and over again. Your name, address and phone number should be on every page. It’s even better if it is in the same location and format on every page. We’ll take a look at this and make sure every page looks the same.
  5. Optimize title tag and descriptions. Local search engines still track the title tags and meta descriptions which makes them a great place to include your city and state.

The Advantages of Google Local SEO

You may have noticed, Google is starting to list more and more local search results on its results pages. As the search engine becomes better at identifying what users want (and where those users are located), it will often limit search results to local merchants or rank the local merchants higher than non-locals.

Additional advantages of Houston Google Local SEO are:

  1. It works just as well on desktops as it does on smartphones and tablets so you only need to create one profile to reach many different users.
  2. In Houston, Google local SEO is just starting to catch on, which means anyone who gets started now will have a head start and will be ranking better than the competition.

Houston Google local SEO is perfect for businesses like:

  1. Restaurants
  2. Lawyers, Doctors and Dentists
  3. Car Dealers and Mechanics
  4. Plumbers, Roofers and Construction Companies
  5. Local service providers – daycares, dry cleaners, grocers, etc.

Contact Your Houston Google Local SEO Specialist Today!

Are you ready to dominate the local search rankings in Houston? Google local SEO services from IOM Partners will get you there. Contact us to get started today!

Houston Google AdWords SEO Services

If you’ve been wanting to get into pay per click (PPC) advertising in Houston, Google AdWords and IOM Partners is the best place to start. Google commands over 67% of  the search engine market. That makes it an incredibly powerful market for PPC ads.

Meanwhile, at IOM Partners our Houston Google AdWords team has years of experience developing effective internet marketing campaigns and managing them for results.

We manage all aspects of our clients’ Houston Google AdWords campaigns. We start with Houston SEO and analysis, then work with the client to develop an engaging ad, manage the ad via AdWords on behalf of the client, and track the ad’s performance.

Getting to Know Google AdWords

AdWords is Google’s version of aHouston PPC (Pay Per Click) SEO service. It works just like any other PPC service. You create your own ads based on carefully selected keywords, and whenever one of those keywords is Googled the ads appear as sponsored links near the top or along the side of the results page. If a user clicks on the ad, they will link directly to your website to receive more information or to make a purchase.

AdWords, like all forms of PPC advertising, is popular because advertisers don’t have to pay for the ad unless it gets clicked on. It’s a very useful way to gauge keyword effectiveness, find out what users are interested in on your site and work within a budget.

How A Houston Google AdWords Campaign Benefits Business

AdWords is used by businesses in many ways. It can:

Help boost your SEO rankings by supplementing your organic SEO strategies. PPC ads work much more quickly than other forms of SEO, but are best used as part of a comprehensive internet marketing campaign.

Improve your clickthrough rates by targeting motivated consumers who are already interested in your products and services.

Help you reach a broader market by placing your ad in front of consumers who might not have found you otherwise. This is especially important if your site doesn’t organically rank on the first page of the search engine results as most users never scroll past the first page. In fact, 92% of search users find what they need on the first page of search results.

Identify new keywords and phrases. Google AdWords has a lot of analytics tools that can be used to gauge the effectiveness of your keywords. You can see how well current keywords perform, test out new keywords with little upfront cost and even see what other words and phrases are being used by consumers to find products similar to your own.

Bring targeted traffic right to your site with a Houston Google AdWords campaign. You already know these users are interested in your product or service. Use that information to drive them to the exact page they need to see to make a purchasing decision or take action. You can even schedule ads to run during times of peak usage, in specific regions or countries or when you’re having a huge sale!

Better manage your internet marketing dollars. Since Google AdWords is a pay-per-click program, you can easily manage costs and determine your ROI thanks to all the analytics tools available. You can stop the ads at any time if your budget starts to get tight, then start them up again when you’re ready.

Let IOM Partners Manage Your Houston Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords is one of the most straightforward, easy to understand Houston PPC (Pay Per Click) SEO out there. And it’s run on the biggest search engine provider in the world. If you’re thinking about a PPC campaign, Google AdWords is a great place to start.

We will help you set-up, organize and manage your Houston Google AdWords campaign and make sure it’s in line with your internet marketing goals. Contact us today to discuss your project and ideas so we can get your Google AdWords campaign off the ground and driving traffic to your site!

PPC SEO (Pay Per Click SEO)

Houston PPC SEO (Pay Per Click SEO) is a growing technique used to bolster online visibility. It can be used alone or  in conjunction with other forms of Houston SEO like keyword optimization, linking strategies and copywriting to promote a brand and boost a business’ online presence.

If you’re ready to expand your reach in Houston, pay per click SEO from IOM Partners can make it happen. We help drive traffic to your site with creative and effective pay per click ads that won’t break the budget.

Benefits of Houston PPC SEO

There are many benefits to using Houston PPC SEO in your marketing efforts. PPC ads:

  1. Tend to have a high conversion rate, as much as 11%.
  2. Are a quick and easy way to boost your online visibility while waiting for your organic SEO strategies to start producing results.
  3. Are cost-effective because you only pay the host when your ad is clicked on.

How PPC Works

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a SEO technique that relies on paid ads to drive traffic to a website. Advertisers only pay their ad host when the ad is clicked on. This makes it a cost-effective strategy for many small businesses that want to compete with their larger rivals that already command top spots on the SERPs. The PPC ads show up as “sponsored ads” or “sponsored links” on the search engine results pages, typically at the top of the page or along the right hand side of the page. The ads show up when a user types in one of the keywords associated with your ad.

PPC ads help encourage click-throughs because the vast majority of people never click past the first page of results and over 58% of users click on one of the top three links. With your ad right near the top, they are highly likely to click on it if the top search results don’t seem to be what they’re looking for – or, your site may just be exactly what they’re looking for!

Selecting keywords and scripting effective ad language is considered a science in itself. But an equally important component is the page your ad goes to: your landing page. Have you ever clicked on an ad only to find out that the site or content had absolutely nothing to do with what you were really searching for? It’s frustrating! If you’re going to pay for advertising, invest the time and money into creating an engaging landing page with useful content that encourages conversion… and ensure it is highly relevant to the keyword.

Houston PPC + SEO = Best Results

Whether you rely on SEO or PPC, the end goal is the same: to drive more traffic to your website. So why not combine forces and use both strategies? That is what IOM Partners helps you do. We don’t think PPC or Houston SEO is any better or worse than the other. They perform different functions to achieve the same outcome, which is why we like to use both of them when we undertake a Houston PPC SEO project.

When you combine PPC and SEO marketing strategies you’ll gain greater online visibility as well as greater customer insight:

We can examine the click-throughs of your PPC ads to see which titles, headlines and keywords are generating the most traffic. Then we can incorporate those keywords into your website text so search engines pick up on them.

Houston PPC SEO campaigns can give you an idea additional keywords that you could use – on your website or in your ads. The analytics tools on PPC ads can be set to show you all kinds of related words that visitors used to find your site. This provides great insight into the mind of the customer!

Search engines are putting a lot of stock in your links these days. Sites that consistently rank high are getting links to and from their site. The great thing about adding PPC to your SEO mix is that the search engines don’t really care how the visitor found your site, just that he or she linked to it. So, anyone who clicks on a PPC ad and then links to your site just helped your search ranking improve.

Getting To Know Houston Pay Per Click SEO

Houston Pay Per Click SEO is a form of online advertising and an SEO strategy in one. On the advertising side of things, you have very targeted ads that show up when certain keywords are queried by a user. These ads show up as “sponsored ads” or “sponsored links” along the top and down the right hand side of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Even when your ad appears on the page you won’t have to pay for the ad unless it gets clicked on (which takes the user directly to your website). Hence, the “pay per click” name. In Houston, pay per click SEO has caught on with smaller businesses that want to quickly boost their online presence but don’t have a huge marketing budget, or those who need to directly compete with the sites already showing up in the top results.

Pay per click ads are also effective for larger organizations that want to dominate search results or those who’ve changed SEO strategies and want to use PPC to help boost their visibility while their new SEO strategies get off the ground.

The primary goal of pay per click advertising is to drive traffic to your website. This is the same end goal of any SEO strategy.

How Houston Pay Per Click SEO Benefits Businesses

Pay per click ads are much more than simply a way to work around search engine rankings. They are a way to influence and improve your search engine rankings. How do they do this?

  1. Location, Location, Location. The primary way pay per click ads boost online visibility is due to their location. Since the ads are located near the top and along the sides of the pages, pay per click ads are much more likely to be viewed by searchers than the lower ranked organic search results. With 53% of users clicking on the first link on a results page, being located near the top of the page pays off.
  2. Encouraging Clickthroughs. Pay per click ads encourage consumers to clickthrough to a company website, usually for a very specific reason or to purchase a specific product. They drive very focused and motivated web traffic to sites that fulfill the user’s needs.
  3. Providing Valuable Customer Insights. Since PPC ads are so targeted, they provide a great opportunity to gain insights into your customers search habits. For instance, Houston pay per click SEO ads can tell you which keywords your site visitors (and local customers) are querying and which words are getting the most attention. In the short-term you can use these keywords in your PPC ads to generate specific site traffic, but you can also incorporate those words into the rest of your SEO marketing efforts, which will draw the attention of search engines, eventually helping to boost your search engine rankings.
  4. Generating More Links. Our Houston pay per click SEO ads have the ability to earn you more links back to your website. This is important because earned links are factoring more and more into search engine rankings. If a PPC ad can bring someone to your site, that person can then share a site link with someone else or post it to their social media accounts. All of this sharing is good for your search engine rankings.

Your Houston Pay Per Click SEO Specialists

You can’t have an effective Pay Per Click ad campaign without thinking about SEO. That’s why we always tackle the two together. The way we see it, pay per click is just one of several SEO techniques that should be incorporated into every SEO marketing campaign. If you can reach a broader audience and only have to pay for the viewers who actually make contact with your company, why wouldn’t you?

At IOM Partners we help businesses and organizations boost their visibility online by designing effective and engaging PPC ads in Houston and integrating them into a complete SEO strategy.

Are You Ready To Add Houston PPC SEO To Your Online Marketing Campaign?

Contact us to learn more about our Houston PPC SEO services. With the right combination of paid ads and our proven organic SEO techniques, we can get your site ranking higher than you ever imagined!