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Houston Mobile SEO

Houston Mobile SEO is the best way to reach mobile web users on all devices!
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IOM Partners of Houston, TX - Houston Web Design and Houston SEO Experts
IOM Partners of Houston, TX - Houston Web Design and Houston SEO Experts
IOM Partners of Houston, TX - Houston Web Design and Houston SEO Experts

Houston Mobile SEO Services

Mobile searches now make up nearly 30% of all searches and those numbers are only expected to go up. If you don’t have mobile-friendly web design, it is time to get one. Consumers are on-the-go all the time and thanks to our handy smartphones and tablets, we can (and expect to be able to!) perform searches from practically anywhere.

Sites that are not optimized for mobile devices risk losing customers who get frustrated with slow loading pages or a design that doesn’t translate well onto mobile devices. In fact, 61% of consumers are likely to leave a site if it isn’t mobile-friendly.

At IOM Partners, our Houston mobile SEO strategies are designed to enhance the user experience while also promoting the business with the search engines. We use several techniques to do this, many of which are not the same techniques you are using to promote your desktop website.

Mobile Is Different

The first thing to understand is that mobile computing is different than desktop computing on both the user end and the business end of things.

Mobile users are searching for different things than users who conduct desktop searches. They use different keywords and it is estimated that mobile traffic is responsible for up to 27% of local site visits, making mobile extremely valuable in local searches (Houston business owners, that’s for you!)

This means businesses need to include mobile-friendly designs, keywords, information and tools if they want to attract (and retain) these consumers.

Additionally, a whopping 4 out of 5 smartphone users use their device to shop. If your mobile site relies on the same SEO techniques that work well for desktop users, you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers without even knowing it.

We can help you connect with those customers.

Our Houston mobile SEO developers use coding, design and copywriting techniques to create mobile sites that load-quickly and get consumers the information they’re seeking fast.

Mobile SEO Techniques

Our Houston mobile SEO techniques help you capitalize on the unique search qualities of mobile users. To help you attract searchers and convert them into customers, we’ll focus on these Houston mobile SEO strategies:

  • Site Load Time. You have 5 seconds or less to load your site and capture the interest of the mobile user. We’ll improve your site speed so it meets those time parameters and gets users where they want to go fast.
  • Mobile-friendly graphics. Mobile devices are small, which means any buttons on your site need to be big. They need to be prominent enough for mobile users to see and use them without having to zoom.
  • Prominent Information. Mobile sites must provide easy-to-find, prominent business contact information. Users do not want to spend the time digging through the site to find it. If a potential customer is searching for your business from their car, make it easy for them to find you!
  • Easy Links. One-click access to the business phone number helps users move right from search to contact.
  • Social. 70% of mobile users use their devices to access Facebook. And this is just one social media platform. Because of this we always recommend linking to your own social profiles. Social media encourages the sharing of content which is an important SEO ranking factor.
  • XHTML Coding. The best mobile pages use XHTML coding and/or the .mobi domain URL. You don’t need to create an entire site in XHTML if you don’t want to, but having a few select pages with this coding make it accessible to the most users and help ensure it is found by mobile search engines.

Different Ways To Go Mobile

Just as mobile has opened up many different ways of accessing and sharing information, there are a few different way to go with your Houston mobile SEO project. Depending on your target market and current site design, we could implement Responsive Design, Dynamic Content or Mobile URLs to help your site go mobile.

  • Responsive Design has one URL for both the desktop and the mobile sites. Both sites display the same content and images, but sites are able to detect how they are being accessed, by desktop or mobile devices, and adjust the screen size and layout appropriately. Smaller screens typically show less images, text and simple navigation.
  • Dynamic Content sites also have only one URL for both desktop and mobile, but the pages provide different content to different devices.
  • Mobile URLs rely on a different URL from the desktop version of the site. The two sites may be completely different from one another in looks and application, or they may be quite similar to one another.

Houston Mobile SEO

These are just some of the strategies and techniques we use in our Houston mobile SEO strategies and development. For a complete analysis of your site or sites and needs, contact us today!