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Houston Social Media SEO Strategies

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Houston Social Media SEO / SMO

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IOM Partners of Houston, TX - Houston Web Design and Houston SEO Experts
IOM Partners of Houston, TX - Houston Web Design and Houston SEO Experts
IOM Partners of Houston, TX - Houston Web Design and Houston SEO Experts

Houston Social Media SEO / SMO

Today’s internet marketing demands a social media component. Want proof?  70% of business-to-consumer companies have acquired new customers thanks to social media. What other marketing outreach strategy has that kind of success?

As social networks have grown in popularity, search engines have adjusted the algorithms they use to find and rank websites to include social content and interactions.

As a result, Houston social media SEO has become a powerful tool in how well organizations rank on search engines and should be included in any comprehensive SEO strategy.

Our Houston Social Media SEO services include techniques that can help improve your search engine rankings, get you found easier online, establish greater connections with your readers/customers and generate buzz around your brand.

Social Media and SEO

It almost isn’t right to separate social media from SEO. They’ve become that integrated with one another.

Social media IS SEO these days.

What do we mean by this?

The latest algorithm changes made by all the big search engines, Google, Yahoo! and Bing, (as well as the smaller engines) all focus on one thing: quality content. How do they determine what is quality content since the search bots can’t read text and comprehend meaning the same way a person can? Through a combination of tried-and-true SEO indexing techniques and the actions of your site’s visitors.

Indexing techniques like picking out keywords is still alive and well and play an important part in any SEO campaign, but they aren’t the only way to earn recognition from the search engines. As important, or some may say even more important than proper keyword usage, is how much your content is shared and how many backlinks these shares earn your site.

Social media makes this happen. Social media is where content is shared, discussed, liked, tweeted, pinned and tagged. When search engines see activities like this happening around a piece of content, they take notice. Sharing and linking means the content is valuable to the end user and since search engines are in the business of providing valuable results to search queries, they index that site and file it away for the next time a search is performed using those keywords.

Yes, even your social media site and content should be optimized with the keywords you want to rank for. Keywords and social media go hand in hand to promote a business or organization online.

Implementing Houston Social Media SEO

If your Houston area business is ready to put the power of social media to work, contact us. Through a variety of SEO techniques we can enhance your social media profiles to start working as a true marketing tool, not just a fun way to connect with customers.

Some of our Houston social media SEO strategies may include:

  1. Making sure there is a link to all of your social media accounts on your website. This helps search engines figure out where those shares are coming from and where back-links need to be attributed.
  2. Promoting your company and website on social networks. We can do this by posting content on your own social pages or by using paid ads or some combination of the two. The strategy we use will depend on your end goals and how well the social accounts are already working for you.
  3. Providing content that can be shared. We have SEO copywriters who can write content that gets shared on your web design, social accounts, blogs, etc. Great content is the best way to earn links and grab the attention of users AND search engines.
  4. Build a following. We will help you establish a connection with your followers. We may suggest  sharing information about products and services, running a quiz or giveaway or hosting a weekly Q&A session. All of this is designed to get your followers interested in your company and sharing the information.

72% of adults use social media. It’s not a question of whether or not you should tap into the social media market. It’s a question of how well you do it.

With IOM Partners on your side, you’ll have expert Houston social media SEO strategists, marketing pros, copywriters and developers helping you build out your social profiles to get the recognition you deserve. If we start with a focus on your customers’ needs, we’re certain to get the attention of search engines as well.

Give us a call or contact us online to discuss your needs and get your Houston social media SEO project going!