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Houston Video SEO Services by IOM Partners of Houston, TX

If you haven’t added video to your list of SEO To-Do’s, get it on there! In Houston, video SEO is a hot topic with businesses of all sizes adding this type of visual SEO content to their marketing efforts. Why?

Because of the phenomenon known as YouTube and Vimeo.

YouTube has changed the way people find and share information online. It’s much more than funny cat videos. Today, YouTube is used by businesses and companies around the world as part of their overall marketing strategy. Just how popular is YouTube?It reaches more adults in the 18-34 age bracket than any cable network and earns 3 million views per day.

How can you capitalize on this reach?

Today’s search users are just as eager to hear and see the content they’re seeking as they are to read it, which is why Houston video SEO is an important component of your online marketing strategy.

As anyone with a website knows, you won’t get much web traffic if your site can’t be found. And the best way to be found is to use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to boost your spot on the search engine results pages (SERPs).  Here’s the trick: these same theories and techniques apply to video content.

Our Houston video SEO team can make sure your video content is optimized to match the search queries being conducted by your viewers and potential viewers. Video SEO brings a whole new aspect to online marketing and it is one that we only see growing in the future.

Why You Need Houston Video SEO

You may be impressed by the numbers listed above but still wonder why you need a Houston video SEO team to help you optimize videos for the web. It all has to do with how sites are searched, indexed and ranked these days.

In the old days you could count on keywords to do the bulk of the work for you. If you had the right keywords (and enough of them) on your site, you could be assured of ranking fairly well. Those days are gone.

Today, one of the most important factors that search engines are using to rank sites is video. Video is so highly valued by search engines that 62% of Google search results include videos. Even more important, videos often rank higher than static content. This is likely due to the fact that videos are shared more often than static content and today’s search engines love to reward shared content.

Shared content is important because it demonstrates to the search engine that real, live people actually like and value the content enough to pass it on. Simply put, if content is shared, it must be good and, so, it tends to rank well.

For SEO in general, the more your content (in any form) is shared, downloaded, liked or commented upon, the more search engines will take notice. And no content is shared, liked or commented on more than videos, which makes video the perfect format with which to boost your search rankings.

But just uploading videos isn’t enough. They must also be FOUND by your target audience. To be truly effective at online marketing, videos must be SEO optimized to match what internet users are searching. SEO for video adds a whole new dimension to SEO marketing and it’s one that our Houston SEO video specialists are very excited about.

Why Do You Need Houston SEO Video?

People like to watch videos… a lot. To the tune of 6 billion hours of videos watched each month on YouTube! Even though that number is astronomical, you might be wondering why you should care. Or, you might be feeling extraordinarily overwhelmed wondering how your video could possibly have a chance amidst the others.

It all has to do with how search engines are identifying and ranking content these days.

Videos are highly shared by users. This is important because search engines are paying attention to shared content more than ever. The idea is that if content is shared, it must be good. So the more your content gets downloaded, liked, shared or commented on, the more likely it will attract the notice of search engines and you’ll start to see your rankings rise on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

If you’re trying to improve your online authority and boost your site’s rankings in Houston, SEO video is a good way to do it.

How We Make Houston Video SEO Work For You

By using proven SEO strategies that are endorsed by all the major search engines, we can use videos to boost your online presences. Here’s how:

  1. Content That Engages The Audience. You still need great content to have a great video. We’ll help you design informative and helpful videos that aren’t too short or too long. These videos will answer common questions or needs that you face from your customers. How-To’s, step-by-step and behind-the-scenes videos are just some examples of videos that businesses are creating and having success with.
  2. Smart Use of Keywords. We’ll research the best keywords for your videos, then make sure they’re incorporated into the title, tags, descriptions, transcripts and coding to get the attention of the search engine indexing programs.
  3. Links. We will build links that will help boost your credibility.
  4. Transcripts. Search engines rely on text to identify and index content, even for videos. To aid search engines in finding your content and to keep readers engaged in your video content, we always recommend including transcripts as a Houston video SEO strategy.
  5. Site maps. Videos have site maps, just like websites do. We’ll make sure yours is submitted to all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo! and Bing to help the search engines find and index your videos.
  6. Embedding. Viewers must be able to share your videos for our Houston video SEO techniques to work well. To make them easy to share, videos will have to allow embedding. This allows access to the video code so it can be easily copied, pasted and shared with others.
  7. Multi-Platform Exposure. We may recommend syndication of your videos to increase the reach and exposure of the content. Syndicated videos can be broadcast across multiple platforms via RSS feeds, making them easily shared.
  8. Self-promotion. The first places we’ll recommend posting your new videos are on your own platforms. Website(s), social media accounts, blogs and email lists are all great places to start your Houston video SEO campaign. Don’t wait for search engines to find it, share it yourself and get the sharing-chain started right away.
Are You Ready To Start Using Houston Video SEO In Your Marketing Efforts?

Are you ready to jump into the exciting new SEO realm of video? If so, contact us today. Our Houston video SEO team would love to help you expand your SEO campaign with video content!  If you’re ready to take your SEO marketing to the next level with Houston SEO video, contact us today. Houston SEO video is an effective way to reach a wider audience than you ever thought possible!

Start Using Houston SEO Video In Your Marketing Efforts Today!