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Houston Yahoo SEO

Houston Yahoo SEO Services

Although Google gets all of the attention, Yahoo! as a search engine shouldn’t be underestimated. Yahoo! and Bing have combined forces and now command nearly 30% of the United States’ search engine usage. Compared to the 65-70% market share that Google maintains, it may seem irrelevant to optimize your web content for Yahoo! searches, but it’s not and here’s why: Yahoo! has more unique visitors than Google, which means more people are using it.

While it still may not be in your best interests to tailor your web content to rank on Yahoo! at the expense of Google, it is worth enhancing a Google-friendly site with optimization strategies that also work well with Yahoo!

The Benefits Of Focusing On Houston Yahoo! SEO

While everyone worries about and reacts to every Google algorithm update that comes along, few think about Yahoo! and its algorithms. But if you want to reach the widest audience possible, it makes sense to optimize for Yahoo! as well.

The first thing you need to know is that Yahoo! and Microsoft’s Bing are working together now. Yahoo! searches are powered by Bing so if you optimize for Bing, you’re automatically optimizing for Yahoo! as well. If you’re also optimized for Google, your site will be indexed for 97% of US search engine users!  

The next thing you should know is that there are ways to optimize a website for both Google and Yahoo! without risking your ranking position with either search engine. They have different algorithms to sort through and index data, each looking for different things. You just need to make sure you’re giving both search engines what they want.

Finally, Yahoo! doesn’t change its algorithms nearly as often as Google, so you can spend less time reacting to changes.

How Houston Yahoo! SEO Is Different From Google SEO

Our Houston Yahoo! SEO strategies are different from our Google SEO strategies. While Google has moved away from a reliance on keywords and more towards establishing authority, Yahoo! hasn’t made that same shift. Our Houston Yahoo! SEO strategies include:

  1. Optimizing older domains. Yahoo! gives importance to domain age. The older domains are often ranked higher than newer ones. We try to work with older domains even when we help our clients re-brand to maximize this aspect of Yahoo! search.
  2. Well-Organized Site Structure. Properly categorized and labeled menus and sub-menus are important to Yahoo! search indexing which means we spend a lot of time organizing your site, checking labels and inserting keywords in important places.
  3. Adding Titles and Tags. Yahoo! looks at page titles and tags when indexing sites, which make these important places to have your keywords.
  4. Working with Flash-Friendly sites. Yahoo! doesn’t have trouble indexing flash-based sites, unlike Google. This is advantageous for older sites that were built using Flash technology. No need to reinvent the wheel!
  5. Linking. Inbound links and backlinks are still valuable to Yahoo! With our help, you can meet both Google and Yahoo! linking guidelines without risking either search engine ignoring you.
  6. Keyword Research. You’ll have less competition over keywords on Yahoo! than you will on Google. This means Yahoo! may be a better place to try and rank for your preferred keywords, if you expect a high amount of competition for those words on Google. We can conduct a keyword research analysis for you and make recommendations on which keywords to use on your Yahoo!-friendly site.

How Houston Yahoo! SEO And Google SEO Are Similar

One thing that is the same no matter which search engine you’re trying to influence is the use of keywords. You’ll always need to determine appropriate keywords and use them throughout your site to grab the attention of search engines. The keywords may not be the same for both search engines but they have the same desired effect of getting your site noticed.

Content is another similarity that you’ll find across search engines. Every search engine is in the business of delivering useful content to its users. It makes sense then that pages with high-quality, unique content (i.e. not duplicate) will rank higher than sites that are nothing more than copycats of existing content.

Should You Focus on Houston Yahoo! SEO?

The answer as to whether or not it’s worth it to optimize for Yahoo! is: it depends. You can analyze your web traffic and see where it’s coming from and how users found you. If you’re getting a lot of traffic from Yahoo!, then it makes sense to keep optimizing the site for Yahoo! SEO.

But there’s really no reason not to optimize for both Yahoo! and Google. Our Houston Yahoo! SEO team can set up one page or one website that optimizes for Google and a separate page or website that is optimized for Yahoo! Keep in mind that even if your site is optimized for Yahoo!, Google will still index for your keywords. So why not keep both search engines in mind as you re-work your website?

Your Houston Yahoo! SEO Experts

Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn more about our Houston Yahoo! SEO services. We’re eager to help you start attracting Yahoo! users!