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How Joomla Can Prove To Be Beneficial For Your Web Development Project

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Joomla is a popular content management system that has over 50 million downloads since it’s introduction into the fraternity way back in 2003. With the help of this Content Management System, users can develop their own websites without much of hassle. With Joomla, users will enjoy the benefits of composer integration, page caching, Google ReCaptcha, RSS feeds, blogs, support for language internationalization, printable versions of the pages, and collapsible sidebars.  However, these are not the only benefits. Here are some more to consider:


Easy to publish blogs on Joomla 


When using Joomla, it becomes extremely easy to create websites and blogs. You don’t need to have extensive knowledge of PHP, HTML, or CSS to develop the sites. It’s too simple and easy to develop sites. Just follow the steps as per instruction and you will be ready for the site of your choice. It’s such a simple thing to consider.


Open Source Infrastructure


Joomla comes with an open source infrastructure with PHP being the language used. This is a deadly combination that allows developers to create extensions for this CMS with ease. Approach a professional of website design Houston and you will learn the importance of Joomla when it comes to creating business websites.


The highest level of flexibility


Joomla promises the highest level of flexibility with over 8000 extensions to work with. With this CMS, you can make your website highly interactive and functional. There are even extensions to include social media widgets on the website. The extensions are divided primarily into 33 categories, some being marketing, social, site management, living, languages, and communication.


Comes with a strong user community


It may sound surprising but Joomla features a community with over 200 000 users! Being an active part of this community will help you gain momentum in your web development process and learn more new tricks. When you are using Joomla, every single person plays a role in providing significant input. The most amazing thing is that this community is always active, very active.


So by now, you have probably understood the importance of using Joomla as the tool to develop your business website. There are plenty of other CMS tools available. However, Joomla promises a better experience when it comes to developing professional websites within a shorter time limit while including customizable elements to create that perfect unique effect.

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