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How To Improve Your Website Design Using WooCommerce

web design houston

Houston has developed into one of the major Website Development centers globally. They are probably the best when it comes to integrating WooCommerce plugin with WordPress websites to gain maximum benefits.


Houston website design for e-Commerce portals mostly features WooCommerce plugins for enhanced shopping experience for the users. If you are interested in designing your website using the WooCommerce plugin, here are a few tips that would help you in the process:


Make a list of designs that seem to be your favorite


There can be numerous designs but only a few would inspire you. This is where you need to be alert. Make a list of designs that inspire you or have become your favorite. At the same time, copying the design entirely would be an unfaithful approach. You can create a design that’s inspired by something but copying would be a sin.  Focus on the elements in a design that attracts you the most. Make a note of those elements and plan their insertion into your website (being developed) accordingly.  You can use WooCommerce to develop the website using those elements. Things become slightly easier when you use the WooCommerce tool.


Simplifying the navigation of your site


When designing the website, make sure the navigation is simple and easy. No matter how many attractive and useful elements you include in the site, the performance of the portal would depend entirely on the simplification of the navigation. Making the overall navigation part too complicated will make things difficult and confusing for the visitors.


Using WooCommerce, you can make the navigation part simpler. You just need to work backend of the project to make things simpler. Using WooCommerce, you can create product attributes, product tags, product categories (parent and child), and many more. You need to create a simplified hierarchy, ensuring that the pattern is sensible.


Designing a sensible layout for the homepage


When designing an e-Commerce site, focusing on the homepage of the portal is crucial. You can opt for a WooCommerce theme to create the design layout of your homepage. However, ensure that the design is non-complicated. Simple designs promise higher conversion rate.  It’s best to showcase your best selling and relevant products and services on the homepage. The layout again must feature a certain hierarchy to make things look organized.


WooCommerce is definitely considered to be a much popular way to design your WordPress e-Commerce portal, but you need to learn the rules carefully to deal with it. Remember, WooCommerce have certain design requirements that tend to be slightly different from WordPress. Follow the above tips to create a positive impact when integrating WordPress with WooCommerce for your web development project.

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