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The Latest WordPress Web Designing Trends Of 2018

wordpress web design

Web designing trends change with every passing year. In fact, every now and then, something new is coming up to meet the requirements of the users. Also, you must consider the fact that the expectation level is growing with every passing day. People are trying to incorporate innovative ideas into the websites that they access through the internet. They are looking for sites that would meet their expectation level while trying to bring out even the minutest of faults before the limelight.


Stepping into 2018, let’s discuss some of the latest or upcoming trends that would impact the web designing and development world big time. Let’s start:


The concept of microinteraction


The animation is not a big thing and you will find nearly 99% of the websites featuring some. However, of late, the focus has shifted from basic animation to microinteractions that favor the mobile apps largely and making a big round through the web. Microinteraction can be defined basically as a kind of animated response to the user behaviors. Say for example, if someone tries to hover animating a drop-down or clicks a button, the presence of microinteraction bot will offer an instant response in the most realistic way.


The FEATURED IN badges feature


This is the latest trend in WordPress Houston web design and can be seen most commonly on the corporate sites. You can even find them in the sales-y landing pages too. Badges play an important part of the proceeding and help the site get connected to various social circles. The badges help in comparing your site’s quality and features with other competitors available and will also help in offering feedback about the performance of your site. If you have great stuff populating the site, there is not a point to worry in regards to site’s popularity and receiving positive reviews.


True accessibility is something to be focused on


It can be really challenging to work with accessible rich internet applications and web accessibility initiative. But if you can handle this part properly, you will be able to develop a dynamic site filled with awe-inspiring features that would cater to anyone and everyone while being easily accessible. Some of the essential dynamic elements that can be incorporated into the website designing project are photo slideshows, AJAX-powered forms, modal windows, and drop-down navigation menus.


Although there are plenty of trends being introduced now and then, it would be really difficult to predict which one holds the key to maximum success. But then, the above-mentioned trends have proved to be a success and will definitely keep moving around for a fair amount of time.

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