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A Look At Some Of The Latest Responsive Web Design Trends

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Responsive websites have long been in demand simply because it allows net surfers to access your website from various mediums. In fact, to be precise the number of mobile users is on the rise and as you include responsive features on your website, it now can be accessed from mobile devices. We would however like to say that just shifting to the responsive website is not enough because many of your business competitors have made this transition. There are plenty of responsive websites uploaded on the net and if you intend to stand out, it could be via some design work.

Now, if you have some basic idea of design, you could always start work on your own website. It is fine if you designing your own responsive website and if you require help, we are there to assist. We would like to offer an update on the latest trends in responsive website designing.

Focus on illustrations

The UX design of your website is important and you need to make it visually pleasing. Hence, we suggest that you focus on illustrations because they just allow you to do this. A leading Houston web design firm, which also works on responsive websites, says that illustrations increase your brand personality and simultaneously connect at the human level.

Work on colors

The proper mix of colors can do a lot for website and you certainly need to get the combination correct. Hence, we insist that you use bold colors and more importantly include gradients for your responsive website designing. If you are working on colors, we would just want to say that the latest trend has been to go for rugged look. Experts refer to these as brutal websites and they certainly have been in demand of late.

Custom typography

It has been proved repeatedly that proper typography can help to boost brand identity. If you intend to communicate the message clearly and in a conscious manner, the proper use of typography is a must. Readers just hate it, when they have to squint to read some content.

Rounded profile pictures

If you are a keen follower of social media sites such as twitter, Facebook, you will clearly notice a trend to do away with square profile picture and giving it a circle, rounded shape. Rounded or circled pictures are more organic and friendlier. It helps to create a clear different between content and images.

This is a brief guide on the latest responsive web design trends and if you intend to design your mobile friendly website, these are the changes, which you need to implement in order to create an impact.

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