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Mobile Web Development – How Professionals Approach The Part

The present-day scenario for web development services concerning mobile devices seems to be bundled with choices and options. Surely, there are numerous numbers of solutions, frameworks, and platforms available to the developers to design mobile websites. Places like Houston enjoy strong uplift in the web designing industry. Numerous companies are available in and around Houston, offering quality web development services, both responsive and mobile, to meet the expectation level of clients.


Many frameworks are available to work with. Some of the more popular frameworks would include React and Angular that comes with certain unique features as well complete enterprise-level support. These frameworks would also let you load significant JavaScript bundles that may or may not affect the performance of the site. Certain platforms like Facebook Instant Articles and AMP offer out of the box performance and ease of implementation. However, limitations do happen with these platforms too but then, they are still the best-focused options when it comes to mobile web development.


Pros and Cons of AMP


Let’s have a look at the Pros of AMP


  • Totally a single open source platform
  • Genuine positive performance with out of the box approach
  • Extremely easy to implement
  • Pre-built with plug and play components
  • Easy to be integrated with the PWA
  • Common components constantly face positive updates through the web community
  • The number of features is growing daily


Let’s focus on the Cons


  • Only progressive loading of the ads
  • Very limited options for vendor support and header bidding
  • Does not support the infinite scroll feature
  • Does not have all the rich interactive capabilities that you would love to have on the desktop
  • Custom implementation is required to achieve better performance
  • Limited functionality options for fluid ads
  • Limited analytics support


Pros and Cons of FB Instant Articles


Let’s discuss the pros of FB Instant Articles


  • Optimal speed and performance
  • Consistent level of experience for the end users
  • Easy to implement
  • High performing relevance algorithms
  • Highly optimized Ad Performance


Let’s look into the cons


  • Available only for Facebook Platform
  • Limited set of features
  • Header bidding is not allowed
  • Strict ad restrictions
  • Analytics support comes with limited scopes


When developing your mobile pages, the choice to implement the design and development part is simply limitless. Houston web development professionals will primarily look for frameworks that can be easy to use and implement. Frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular are common choices.

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