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WP-Types for Houston Web Design and Houston SEO with WordPress
Create POWERFUL WordPress websites using WP-Types (Custom Post Types) without having to know any (much) programming!

WP-Types, a GREAT plugin for designing powerful WordPress websites without having to be a programmer! Are you a web designer or maybe even a great programmer and need to create something more than just the standard WordPress website but don’t have the experience or maybe just the time (hell, maybe you just don’t feel like it) to do a bunch of custom code)? I am HAPPY to blog about this GREAT plugin for WordPress that allows you to build web applications, portals, social networks, and pretty much anything else you can imagine using WordPress and some intelligent form builders straight from…

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Google Penguin 3.0 Houston Web Design Houston SEO
Website losing traffic or disappear from the web? Did Google Penguin get you?

Here’s a quick-start guide to getting yourself out of trouble with Google. IOM Partners of Houston, TX specializes and lives off of Houston Web Design and Houston SEO.  If you do a lot of business online like we do, you might have recently felt what I can only relate possibly to the feeling of loss of life.  It was Google’s New Penguin 3.0 Algorithm release.  It’s actually still rolling out so a lot of people are experiencing off-the-wall catastrophic losses, even losing entire businesses in very bad ways.  The SEO game is a very fickle game to begin with.  As I,…

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Houston Website Design
PhoneGap for Multi-Platform Native Mobile App Development

PhoneGap for Multi-Platform Native Mobile App Development – Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad) PhoneGap has been around for a while as a development platform but it’s been recently that larger native mobile app requirements and mobile web development is being using PhoneGap.  We’re definitely a strong advocate and an early adopter of it, ourselves!  Traditionally, native mobile application development for Android and iOS (iPhones & iPads) has been done with separate code-bases requiring much larger teams and higher costs as it was necessary to be an expert in the separate languages that each was based on. PhoneGap came along and changed all…

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Houston Website Design
Comparing PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising and Organic SEO

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising and Organic SEO If you’re trying to increase your business online, you might be thinking of spending a little more time and money on your online marketing, especially either with Google Ads or doing traditional SEO.  From experience, this is a very tricky game and you have to be precise because the wrong thing can cause you a lot of pain in the form of loss of money and time as well as the possibility of trying the wrong “tricks” and being penalized by Google. PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) I love Google so I…

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Houston Website Design
Redesign of Hammers & Shields

Recently, we redesigned Hammers & Shields, the only Social & Professional network FOR and BY Veterans that spans both the web and native mobile universe, including a native Android Mobile App as well as native iOS Mobile Apps for both iPhone & iPads!  This new website will connect Veterans, Veteran Businesses, and those that advocate them by bringing them all together in one secure and private place dedicated to Veterans.  We created everything ourselves including the web design and mobile app development.  IOM Partners is located in Houston, TX and specializes in Houston Web Design and Houston SEO but also…

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Houston Website Design
Doing business in Mexico? Make it official with GiroLegal!

  GiroLegal (http://girolegal.com/) was a dream just months ago!  Our client came to us with the challenge of creating a “prototype” of a portal where Mexican business owners can carry out their business registrations, legal documentations, and access an on-demand legal library!  We said NO PROBLEM and built GiroLegal.com!  GiroLegal was built on WordPress and takes the Mexican business owner from A-Z, expediting and officially processing their company formations, documents, etc. all the way through the Federal Government, throughout Mexico!  The website was done in Spanish which is no problem because IOM Partners is a multilingual and multinational agency!  Thank…

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IOM Partners of Houston, TX - Houston Web Design and Houston SEO Experts
4 Reasons Why Your Website Should Go Mobile

IOM Partners, Houston Texas, specializes in mobile application and mobile web design and development. Most business owners now understand the importance of online marketing, but as the majority of traffic shifts to  mobile websites, businesses of all sizes need to understand the significance and benefits of mobile websites.  Let’s examine why your WEBSITE needs to be responsive for viewing on mobile devices. Simply, why should your website “Go Mobile?” Reason 1: Google has an index for mobile content. Google has a separate index for mobile content, and for now, it is less competitive than the traditional web. Also, when users…

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5 Ways a Mobile App Can Benefit Your Houston Business

Houston businesses have come into understanding the importance of an online presence and marketing efforts. Now, as more e-commerce, browsing, and searching than ever occurs on mobile devices, mobile design and marketing is on the radar for most small-medium businesses. However, with the endless possibilities of mobile apps, its hard to visualize how an app can benefit a business. Here are 5 ways any business can reap the rewards of their own mobile application. 1. Ease communication between your business, and your customers. Great apps allow customers to contact your business directly. Sure, they could head to a search engine…

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IOM Partners of Houston, TX has been together for over 7 years and was founded and is currently based in Houston, TX. We specialize in all aspects of Online Marketing but have a strong focus on Houston Web Design, Houston SEO, and Houston Mobile App Development.
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