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Python And Web Development – Identifying The Connectivity

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Web development is an extended process that features conceptualization, creation, deploying, and operating of web applications as well the application programming interfaces for the web.  With enormous dependency on the web for information accessibility, website development becomes an integral part of the process. Every now and then, hundreds and thousands of sites are being introduced into the digital world. So, in short, web development can be termed as a concept that basically encompasses every type of activity related to websites and web applications.


What is Python?

Well, Python is not the scary snake that we have learned about from our childhood days. This Python is basically an object-oriented, interactive, interpreted, and high-level programming language. The Source Code for Python is available under GNU GPL.


How does Python fit into web development?


Python is basically used for developing server-side based applications. Developers need not have to worry about using a web framework when using Python to build web apps. However, developers would mostly prefer using existing open source libraries to seep up the progress to ensure that the application is working properly.


It must be kept in mind that Python is not used in developing web browsers. Usually, browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox use JavaScript as the developing language. However, compiling projects like PYJS can be done easily from Python to JavaScript. As per leading Houston web development agencies, a large percentage of Python coders prefer to combine Python along with JavaScript to write the web applications. Python is basically executed on the server side; on the other hand, JavaScript works primarily on the client side (being downloaded to the client) and then runs by the browser.


Why choose Python for web application development purpose?


There are different frameworks and tools available for developing web applications and portals. What makes Python an option to choose over other available ones are listed:


Have been a popular option for many reputed brands and organizations  


Some of the popular Python frameworks alike Django and Pyramid are extremely popular among reputed companies to build on their web applications. These frameworks are safe to use and can handle anything you throw in at them.


Don’t showcase complicated detailing at the low-level 


When developing web-enabled applications using Python, all the low-level details stay hidden, thus avoiding the extra bit of complications associated with the working fundamentals of each unit.


One of the most important advantages of using a web framework as opposed to building something on your own is handling the security of your website. Since web frameworks have been used and backed by thousands, it inherently handles security, preventing any misuse of the web application.


Apart from these advantages, Python also promises a highly scalable framework while ensuring better security and integrity for the apps.

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