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Why Responsive Designing Concept Is Becoming A Big Thing For Web Developers
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Why Responsive Designing Concept Is Becoming A Big Thing For Web Developers

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In this highly mobile-centric era, web developers are more inclined towards developing and designing websites that would be perfectly compatible with smartphones and other mobile devices. Developers are not interested in designing multiple versions of the same website for different devices. That’s too much of a hectic job and extremely time-consuming. The concept of responsive designing makes the task lot easier. With this concept, the designing part of a website is done only once. The rest is left up to the website to get adjusted as per the device and interface being used for accessing it. A responsive website adjusts itself according to the interface, screen resolution, etc.


Flexibility is the ultimate base upon which the concept of responsive designing is standing. And it’s because of this flexibility and auto adjusting ability that makes responsive websites so popular in the industry. However, responsive web design concept features more than you may think. Definitely auto adjustment as per screen size is a big part of the process but there are several other major elements that make this approach so intriguing and spectacular. Here are 2 unusual tricks that website design Houston professionals often implement to create highly intriguing and successful responsive web portals:


Hide or Show


When designing your website, create a list of elements and study them carefully to consider which ones to show and the ones to hide for low resolutions. Try to drop images and texts of lesser value. This will result in faster browsing experience. Place the crucial elements at the top and never break the hierarchy. You will simply hide the not-so-important elements in a foldable pattern. If the users want, they can open it through the drop-down arrow. But on a general basis, they will remain in the foldable hidden pattern for faster navigation.


Glares and more glares


You must make sure that the website content is bright enough to target maximum audience. The images should be clearly visible at bright daylight as well during office environments. It is not about the hues and saturation part; focusing on the contrast is necessary to ensure the highest level of clarity. Also make sure that the images being used, perfectly adheres to the brand guidelines and offers perfect rendering on small screens and also subtle enough to offer clarity in low-lit monitors.


These couple of tricks work wonder for your responsive designing approach. You simply cannot ignore them because they bring true substance to your website designing approach and promises better results.

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