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SEO: Common Misconceptions That Could Be Hurting Your Page Rank

There is a lot of articles out there on search engine optimization, and if you are new to the concept, the information can be a bit mind-boggling. While it seems intricate (and most of the time, it is) the basis of SEO is how relevant your website is to people searching for related content. Getting your website to rank can be a tedious process, and there is a lot of misconception surrounding SEO practices. Here are three misconceptions about SEO best practices, as debunked by Houston SEO firm, IOM Partners.

Misconception: SEO is all about keywords

While one of the building blocks of SEO is to hone in on the perfect keywords and get in-bound links, this is not the beginning and end of SEO. As social media becomes more and more relevant to everyday life and internet culture, the virality of your content becomes increasingly more important. While you may have numerous inbound links to your site, if no one is interested in them or clicking them, your page rank may stagnant. Creating interactive and shareable content is high on the list of priorities when it comes to an SEO strategy.

Misconception: Creating Inbound Links By Spamming Comments and Blogs

Inbound links are important to SEO, but what’s more important is the quality of your inbound links. Anyone can go to a blog or a Facebook post and leave a comment with a link back to their website, but Google and other search engines know this. Inbound link should have a strategy behind them, and should be earned, as a link back to your website is a digital word-of-mouth, and as every business owner knows, word-of-mouth is highly regarded. Inbound links that come from sites that have authority in your industry, for example, are worth more than any links you could spam on a random blog post or forum.

Misconception: Only Focus On Google

While Google is arguably (and probably) the largest search engine in the world today, ignoring other search engines could really be preventing you from attracting interested customers. Considering how many consumers use Yahoo mail (meaning they are on the Yahoo site at any given time, sometimes multiple times per day) and how many operating systems automatically send you to Bing to perform searches, ignoring these search engines could be losing your website a lot of traffic.

SEO can be a complicated and delicate process. With so many easy mistakes to make, all the hours you spend researching Houston SEO to give your local business the edge over the competition can all be for naught if done incorrectly. Employing the right strategies and researching SEO techniques can save you hours of time in the long run, and turn your website visitors into customers, effectively growing both your web presence and business as a whole.

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