Houston SEO: Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy SEO: Common Misconceptions That Could Be Hurting Your Page Rank

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When building your digital marketing strategy, you know that the foundation of your success lies with your website. However, no matter how eye-catching, or fancy your website is, if you are making common SEO mistakes, chances are nobody will ever even see it. In Houston, SEO is a key part of business strategy, and the competition is fierce. Keep your head above the competition by avoiding these five common SEO mistakes:

Keyword Stuffing

You know that your SEO is based in keywords, words that tell Google and other search engines what your site is about, so you may think that putting your keywords on your page multiple times will just alert search engines to your content quicker. However, the opposite is true. Keyword stuffing, or, overloading your content with your keywords over and over again with no real meaning or quality content, only diminishes your search engine ranking. Google doesn’t recognize this as relevant or important content and only sees this as trying to game the system, and this negatively impacts your website’s page rank. Your keywords should be at a lower saturation, flow nicely within your content, and actually apply to the content itself.

Poor Web Design & Structure

Google scans your website’s content and analyzes it for readability, from titles to content to URLs. If your website is poorly designed, not mobile optimized, and generally difficult to read, you will have a lot of trouble increasing your SEO. Website quality has an enormous impact on your page rank, and by frequently auditing your website and all other assets associated with your business and making necessary changes will help keep you ahead of the curve. In Texas, and especially Houston, web design is imperative to a successful business.

Duplicate Content

So you’ve been told that you need to keep fresh content on your site and keep your blog updated regularly. You’ve crafted a well-written, informative, blog post – great! But, before you go posting the content all over your website and social media channels, know that Google frowns upon duplicate content and will not index it. If you want to share your blog post with your Facebook audience, share the link to the blog post itself instead of copying and pasting the entire article. This way, you create a link back to your site and you are avoiding posting duplicate content.

Using the Wrong Keywords

Your keywords should be chosen for quality and relevance to your website, as well as chosen for their level of difficulty. A good way to figure out what keywords you should be targeting is to do your homework on the number of monthly searches on keywords that have to do with your business. Keep in mind that more popular keywords are more difficult to rank in as the level of the competition is high, and there are only so many spots on the front page of Google. If you are green to SEO, calling a professional Houston SEO company may be your best option.

There are an unlimited number of mistakes you could be making with your SEO, and the “rules” of SEO change frequently. Keeping current with what’s going on with Google and other search engines, making sure you are not implementing any ‘black hat’ techniques (which will, in no uncertain terms open you to the possibility of getting blacklisted by Google) and enlisting the help of professionals when needed will help your business grow in page rank and in turn, convert into sales.

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