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Top 3 RSS Feed Aggregators For Your WordPress Web Designing Projects

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When designing WordPress web pages, including RSS aggregator plugins can definitely make things better in terms of user accessibility and functionality. When searching for RSS Aggregator Plugins, there are numerous options available to play with. Some are available for free while there are also those that come for a price. Here, we shall be discussing top 3 RSS aggregator plugins that are available free of cost.




FEEDWORDPRESS allows you to import both the Atom and RSS feeds into the WordPress website as special posts. This plugin comes with simple interface and promises easy usability. You simply need to enter the website URLs or feed of the sources that you want to include. The rest, you leave it to the plugin to handle.  This plugin is extremely flexible and offers a wide set of configuration options for posts, authors, feeds, and categories. At the same time, it also allows you the option to define the way in which you would prefer caching the feed sources.




The RSS Post Importer plugin has the special ability to import RSS feeds and make them presentable as actual posts. The imported posts or feed items will, as a result, be imported as a standalone post while being displayed in the POST section. This feed plugin is extremely common with Houston web development professionals. This plugin has the ability to let you import any number of full-text post from different sources. It even has the ability to refresh automatically for new contents.




The WP RSS Aggregator plugin allows the user to merge, display, and import Atom and RSS feeds on the WordPress lets you import, merge, and display RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress website. The plugin is incredibly intuitive and easy to get started with. The core plugin is available for free and gives you the option to aggregate as many RSS feeds as you’d like from an unlimited number of sources.


There are plenty of things that you can do with an RSS aggregator plugin. However, you need to figure out a suitable plugin to make things work accordingly. The above-mentioned plugins can handle different responsibilities, right from curating the content to supplementing the website’s existing content according to the needs and requirements. They are free to use and can be handled easily because of their simple interface.

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