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Top 4 JavaScript Web Development Frameworks To Work With

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JavaScript is one of the most popular scripting languages used in web development. In fact, it is presently regarded as the best language for web development. Using JavaScript, it becomes easier to design interfaces both at the client as well server sides, while adding a different set of functions and features to the web apps. It can also be used for editing web pages in real time.


If you are planning to use JavaScript framework for web development purpose, it’s necessary to research and figure out the best available options. Don’t fall prey to all the hypes in the world. Look for yourself and figure out whether the ones you have selected would meet your requirements or not. This approach will help in freeing your doubts.


Here are 4 popular frameworks to consider:




Angular.js is known as MV* framework that makes it a perfect option for startups and middle-sized companies. It is often regarded as one of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks when handling signal page applications. It can be used for both-way data binding, easy testing of any application, and boasting of quick code production. It uses a certain TypeScript for better agility and flexibility.




React.JS can be described more as a sort of library than a framework. It is often used for handling major social network interfaces to generate high-traffic applications.  React.JS can be easily integrated with any architecture and that makes it so popular among professionals of web development Houston. Additionally, the framework can also be used to transfer and re-use code components among different other applications.




It’s relatively a new framework that came into existence only in 2016. Its positive point lies in the extreme fastness with which it operates. It also comes with a leaner outlook. It offers the option of server-side rendering, JSX support, scaffolding, and two-way data binding.




Ember comes with both-way data binding (similar to Angular.JS) while offering the perfect synchronization of both the model and view. It helps in improving the complex UI performance.  Ember is best suited to be used in the complex as well multi-feature oriented web applications and websites. It is used by popular sites like Netflix, LinkedIn, and many more notable names.


JavaScript frameworks have always been popular when it comes to developing web applications without going for complex formalities. Choosing the best JS framework will help in the process and make the web development look easier than ever.

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