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Top 4 Plugins To Enhance Your WordPress Website

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WordPress, commonly regarded as the most popular open-source Content Management System, is something that you can use to develop a professional looking and functioning website. There are thousands of free as well paid plugins available to enhance the designing and usability of the website. WordPress CMS is extremely simple and easy to use and master.

Using plugins, you can easily extend the functionality of a website. If you are part of a Houston web development team, handling different plugins to enhance the design of the site while increasing the productivity part would be a common factor to handle. Here, we shall be discussing 4 of the most effective plugins that can be used to enhance a WordPress based website.

Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet Anti-Spam plugin is basically used for checking comments on contact form submissions and blog pages while considering the global definition of spamming and focusing on the general database that features the detailed list of spam and malware. In fact, this plugin also reflects on the comments history section, figuring out the ones being removed from comments list because of spam content.

Google XML sitemaps

Google XML sitemaps are one of the most crucial plugins to include in your website designing project. Its presence helps in the search engine optimization process. The inclusion of this plugin helps in developing a unique XML sitemap for the website to get it indexed easily on Bing, Yahoo, Google, and several other search engines. The plugin also allows the search engines to have a clear view of the detailed structure of your website to retrieve the perfect outcome.


Sucuri is a WordPress plugin that can be used to enhance the security of a website. In fact, security to a website is integral to the safety of the content. The data protection is essential and should be locked properly for maximum level security. Sucuri helps in achieving the objectives and can make a website free of malware, spam builders while enhancing the site auditing capability, and encrypting the content to prevent hackers from having access.

WP Engine

This plugin can be used to restore and take the back-up of a blog, providing security to a website, and check the updates for WordPress. If you look at the technical aspect, WP Engine is not similar to other plugins but something more than a plugin. Using it, we can easily check the log errors by simply clicking the Little Menu Item.

While there are hundreds and thousands of plugins, the above-mentioned names are an only a few effective ones being handpicked to give some additional finesse to the web designing project.

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