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Top 4 Web Development Frameworks For 2018

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The year 2018 introduces quite a few frameworks to make your web development projects take a new shape and achieve the desired momentum. With a wide range of frameworks already available for web development purpose, making the best pick will always be a difficult part of the process. After researching much, I have framed up this blog with information about the most effective frameworks for web development purpose that would be ruling the market in the upcoming days. Let’s have a look:


  1. Angular JS


When it comes to latest web development technologies, Angular JS is the framework leads the group. This open-source framework is based on JavaScript and designed especially to develop single-page web applications using the MVC architectural pattern. This framework is totally front-end but never a full-stack. It deals with the pages of your website.


  1. Laravel


A backend web development framework, Laravel is a favorite among web developers in America. Approach an experienced or mid-range expert web developer Houston and you will be amazed by their dependency on this backend framework when it comes to developing exceptional websites. Laravel is available for free and can be used to develop state-of-art web applications while focusing on the MVC architectural pattern. It is made using PHP language and totally an open-source framework. Some of the major features that make Marvel so popular among web developers in the United States are listed:

  • Offers a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager
  • Utility services that aid in application deployment and maintenance
  • Wide range of ways to access relational databases
  • Orientation toward syntactic sugar


  1. React.js


React.JS is another open-source JavaScript-based framework that’s favored by the experienced developers’ community. The library available with React.JS is widely used by developers to develop the user interface for different web applications. Basically, this framework was launched with only one thing in mind: to develop large applications with data input that can be modified over the course of time as per the scenario or changing trend.


  1. Node.JS


Well, Node.JS cannot be described merely as a framework but an entire environment for web development. Node is an absolute favorite with the developers since it helps in creating fast and scalable network applications and also can handle a vast number of simultaneous connections with high performance that promises the highest form of scalability.


While there are hundreds of web development frameworks available, the above-mentioned ones are expected to lead the race in this present year and the ones to follow (until something more amazing comes up).

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