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Top 5 Languages For Mobile Application Development
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Top 5 Languages For Mobile Application Development

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Over the years, the concept of mobile technology has improved beyond imagination. This has resulted in developing numerous applications for mobile devices. If you look into the present scenario, enterprises are more inclined towards developing mobile apps to meet their goals and ensure better productivity.

Those who are planning to build a career around mobile application development Houston, there is tremendous potentiality available in this field. The growth factor is consistent. But then, you need to be proficient with the languages required for developing a mobile application. Here is a look at some of the common programming languages being used to develop mobile applications:


This is the primary language to develop web-based mobile applications. This language is the simplest and easiest to learn. Using this language, it becomes easier to use different data types, rationalize the input parameters and a lot of other things. HTML5 is a cost-effective option for mobile web app development and promises support for different browsers.


Java is probably the most preferred programming language when it comes to Android application development. This programming language can run in two ways: You can either use it to run in a browser window or it can be used in a virtual machine without the use of the browser.


Swift is basically a new entry into this world. But within its short presence, Swift has created a strong fan following. It is basically used to develop applications for the iOS interface. Swift is the ultimate programming language to write codes for Cocoa Touch, Cocoa, and Apple’s latest APIs. This language promises to exclude a lot of security vulnerabilities, thus making it a strong contender for the number one spot.

Objective C

Before the evolution of Swift, Objective C used to be the primary programming language for iOS applications. However, Objective-C is still used to develop applications for iOS interface. It is known for creating scalable and robust applications. It is also part of the Apple development framework and has been completely integrated into all the iOS and MacOS frameworks.


C# is probably the most coveted programming language that developers use for developing mobile apps targeted to suit Windows platform. However, Windows platform has never proved to be a great game changer when it comes to mobile application industry. But then, if you are looking to develop robust applications for Windows mobile devices, C# is the best possible option to consider.

Proficiency in any of these languages can help a lot in grabbing a successful position in the mobile application development industry. Your career will be settled for a better sustainable growth.

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