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Web App Development – A Briefing on Static And Dynamic Variants
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Web App Development – A Briefing on Static And Dynamic Variants

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There is a distinctive difference between web application and mobile device applications. While the web applications can run equally well on mobile and desktop devices, the mobile device applications may not necessarily have to run on desktops. In fact, these later ones may not be developed using the principles of web app theory. When we speak about web development, the concept is not limited to be used for only tablets and smartphones. Web apps would run on any browser irrespective of the device. However, you must understand that there are different types of web app development. But they are segregated into 2 major categories: Static and Dynamic.


Static web app development


Static web development is least popular because of their limitation to display minimal content and hence, considered not much of a flexible option. Houston, a popular web development center in the United States, uses CSS and HTML coding for static web app development. Some more popular and experienced web development Houston agencies even use jQuery and AJAX for developing static web applications. Videos and GIFs can also be seen included in such apps. However, modifying a static web application is much time-consuming and slightly complicated.


Some common examples of static web development are digital curriculums and professional portfolios. Websites that displays contact information for a company can also opt for such a type of web application.


Dynamic web app development


Dynamic web apps come with complex coding but considered to be more popular. This type of app development procedure uses databases to load data. The contents are updated with every access. Dynamic web apps also feature a panel exclusively for the administrators for modifying or correcting the content (images, texts, icons, etc.) of the app. Common languages being used to develop dynamic web apps are ASP and PHP since these languages offer the option to structure the content suitably. Unlike Static web apps, the content of Dynamic web apps can be updated and modified without much of difficulty. In a dynamic web app, there is provision to implement different features like databases and forums. Design can also be customized to meet the preferences of the admin.


Examples of dynamic web apps are plenty. The most common example of a dynamic web app is Facebook and every other social media sites.


Be it static or dynamic, each type of web app comes with their own set of pros and cons. Therefore, you need to be careful while developing them. Also, make sure you comply with the regulations on cookie management to strengthen the security against hacker attacks.

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