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Web Design & Presence for Houston-area Lawyers

Practicing law in Houston can be a rewarding and lucrative career, but with so many Houston lawyers, how can you ensure that your practice will be chosen above others? With the staggering number of people relying on Google and other search engines to find local businesses, including lawyers in Houston, having a unique and powerful web presence can be the key to growing your practice.

What Kind of Web Design Is Best For Lawyers?

Having a clean, informative, and yet uncluttered website for your law firm is of utmost importance. A website that not only showcases your brand but is built with a Houston SEO strategy in mind will highlight not only highlight your practice on the web, but relay the message to clients that your practice is the choice cut above the rest. A website with a professional, all-business attitude will convey a sense of security to your prospective clients.

What Are The Key Points for Web Design For Lawyers

Think of the situations in which a prospective client calls you. On the side of the road after a car accident, after the arrest of a loved one, or after a divorce? Depending on the kind of law your practice specializes in, you will want different features on your website. If your prospective clients are calling you in an emergency, having a strong and very obvious call-to-action on your website will be one of the most important factors in your Houston web design. If you work with longer term cases like custody or child support, having a client-login where you can take regular payments will be something to consider. Depending on what your overall objective is, your Houston web design experts can create a website built to your specific needs.

SEO for Law Firms: Why It’s Important

When someone needs a lawyer, chances are, they want one fast. By doing a quick search on a Google for Houston lawyers, you can see how stiff the competition is. If your website does not adequately show up search results, your practice becomes virtually invisible, and potential clients will instead go with what is most readily available to them. Making your practice’s website visible in search engine results is vital in growing your practice. With the internet being how virtually everyone obtains their information and print ads, phone books, and even traditional business cards becoming more obsolete by the day, search engine optimization will be a key part in growing and maintaining your law firm.

If your law practice is looking to build a powerful and effective online presence, call us at IOM Partners. Our team of highly-skilled and dedicated web design and SEO professionals will consult with your firm to see how we can best assist you in achieving your online goals.

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