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Web Development Technologies: Python Or Ruby

When it comes to website development, there are plenty of technologies and programming languages available to handle the proceedings. Of many sources, Python and Ruby are considered to be two of the best programming languages to develop web portals, services, and apps.


Python and Ruby have quite a few things in common. If you try to judge them visually, both are quite similar to one another. Both offer interactive shell, persistence support, a standard set of libraries, and object-oriented coding. But then, these two languages are quite dissimilar when it comes to their approaches to solving problems. Be it their philosophies or syntax, Ruby and Python approaches vary a lot. Now the question that comes: which one are you planning to implement for your website development project? Which one of these two would be considered the best for the part? Well, each of them comes with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. It will depend entirely upon your preference as to which one to pick and what to omit.


A look at the basics



Python was first developed not for web development purpose but as a prototyping language to be used in the scientific space that could be easily translated into C++ provided the prototype worked.


Ruby was developed with one and only one thing in mind: web development. With the introduction of Rails Framework, Ruby became extremely popular especially with those trying to develop complex websites.


Both Ruby and Python are popular choices for professionals of web design Houston. However, different projects have a specific set of requirements. Accordingly, the right kinds of options for programming languages are being picked.


Differentiating between Ruby and Python


Innovation vs. Stability

When picking a programming language, coding and features philosophy are the primary drivers to focus on. However, it is also essential to judge the strength of the developer community. Both Ruby and Python feature strong communities.




Ruby’s community is focused entirely on web development. The community comes with frequent change as per the latest trends. This innovation and frequent change results in causing a breakage to the momentum. The level of diversity is better in Python, considering this scenario.




Python’s community is based on academic curriculum and LINUX topics. Therefore, the community offers several academic use cases in both science and math.  Because of such a support, the community enjoys a promising stability and diversity. It grows with Python’s move towards web development.


Python is a great option for first-time coders. The syntax is used in Python are very simple and easy to understand. With an explicit code structure, it becomes easier to debug.  Ruby, on the other hand, follows a human-language based programming pattern. Ruby focuses deeply on the OOP mechanism and treats everything as objects. Experienced programmers will find Ruby a better choice for designing websites.

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