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Web Development Trends To Watch Out In 2018

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With technology on the verge of getting updated regularly, it’s necessary to look at newer aspects of mobile web design to keep up with the change, for good. Here, we shall be discussing the upcoming changes in web development strategies that are about to hit the market. In fact, we shall also be focusing on the latest web development trends that are gaining attention in 2018, and will continue to do so for a considerable time hereafter.


The concept of artificial intelligence for developing web apps and portals


Introducing the concept of artificial intelligence is the latest trend in web development services, as there are few design houses in Houston, TX that have created a niche and set a benchmark for others to follow. This concept is successfully implemented by notable sites like Wikipedia and Google for sometime now. As a result, modern-day web developers are trying to utilize this technology to the fullest in developing robust websites and web applications that can perform and act like humans while eliminating the requirement of excess manpower.  It is for sure that the future is bright enough for this innovative technology to make a mark into the ever evolving web development industry, thus promising ample scope to widen the horizon in the near future.


JavaScript like never before


The year 2018 is about to witness a massive evolution or reincarnation of JavaScript which was never witnessed before. JavaScript was already there in the market but the present year will witness enhanced features, modifications and upgraded functionalities. The relevance of its features make Jscript the most popular web development technology in the present times as it is one of the most dynamic programming languages available. Through this, a webpage is surely going to be more interactive, user engaging (UI/UX rich) and user friendly in nature with lots of additional features.


Ruby on Rails version 5


The version 5 of ‘Ruby on Rails’ was released in the month of June, 2016. The latest version 5 is expected to become more popular in the forthcoming days. Ruby on Rails version 5 comes with features like ActionCable and Turbolinks 5 that are becoming instant favorite among Houston website design and development professionals. With the help of Turbolinks 5, you can use the Rails stack to develop single page applications directly. You will not be requiring any kind of client-side JavaScript open source framework for the coding and design activity.


Well, these are not the only improvements into web development which you’re going to witness in 2018, but many more surprises are up on the cards. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hold on to our patience level till something new and better arrives.

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