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Website Designing Process – Custom Or Theme Based

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When trying to design a new portal for your company or brand, the approach you take would be critical to the success. Designing a website is not a difficult task (and that too with the availability of so many tools). But you need to think smart. You simply cannot design anything for your business or brand. Think about the elements that you need to include on your site to make a positive impact. Focus on the primary functionality of the site. These are crucial points to consider when compared to scenarios like “how to create a design that would be unique and extremely attractive?” Listen, attractive design is definitely required but your first priority should be on the usability of the site. Try to create a site that would meet the requirement of targeted clients. And then your site will make it large in the digital world.


People often quarrel over custom and theme based site designing approach. Take my advice or seek the guidance of the best Houston web development project designing teams, it is always necessary to concentrate on the functions and detailing of the site and the features involved. How functionally aesthetic is the site? Remember, the design is important but it’s not the point that matters. What matters most is how effectively the designing part complements the functionality of the site. So clearly, my vote will be with custom based website designing when compared to theme based designing and development.


OK, OK, I agree that theme-based designs are practically flawless or close to so. But then, it can also be achieved through custom designing, if handled by an experienced team of designers, analysis experts, and testers. More importantly, theme-based designing concepts lack a certain range of originality and uniqueness. The range of customizing a section of the site becomes somewhat difficult with theme based designing. On the other hand, the custom designing approach offers you the option to create whatever you feel like. Include any type of elements (and in any number) into the website designing. Every single detail of the designing part is carefully being scrutinized by the client. And most importantly, there is an infinite number of times that you can modify the site. However, the costing part can be a bit higher when dealing with custom development.


When planning to develop a website for your company or business, it’s better to go with custom development approach. However, if you have limited manpower or minimal time availability, opt for a theme based designing approach for the time being. Focus on the performance and then slowly, shift to a custom-designed portal for better results.

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