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What Makes WordPress Such A Popular Web Development Tool

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WordPress is one of the most widely used content management tools worldwide. But the question that comes to mind: what makes WordPress such a popular option to consider?

Well, there are plenty of reasons to justify the humongous popularity being enjoyed by WordPress. It is an extremely versatile, robust, user-friendly and powerful CMS that one can think about.  Here are 5 essential factors that prove the merits of WordPress:


Available for free and definitely open sourced 


Being open-sourced and available free of cost, WordPress enjoys a strong fan base globally. In fact, these two factors play a strong role in making this CMS enjoys such huge amount of popularity. WordPress websites are easy to edit, handle, and redistribute. Handling the web development part becomes incredibly easier with this CMS tool.


Understanding the Plugins


The plugins available with WordPress keeps redefining their capabilities. Look closely and you will notice that most of these plugins operate on an autonomous note. This clearly suggests the fact that users can easily mix and match the options according to their needs and requirement. It also helps in keeping the maintenance cost lower than usual.  The WordPress library offers a wide range of plugins, the sheer diversified nature would stun you instantly. web design Houston professionals can play with such wide assorted range of options no matter what kind of web development project being worked upon.


Extremely easy to use


The major reason behind the popularity factor of WordPress is its simplicity and ease in working.  The menu options are logically organized and offer simple and easy mouse-clickable selections. You need not have to be a coder; still, it can be easy enough to develop a site using WordPress. Working with web designing projects never looked better or simpler ever.


A wide range of themes


WordPress offers a large array of themes from the library it features. Developing a website from the available themes makes it easier for the developers. The themes are lightweight and offer perfect compatibility with any and every browser.


High in versatility


WordPress can be used as your blogging platform. It can also be used to develop any business site. WordPress is also extremely SEO friendly. WordPress sites would load faster and always follows a perfectly solid UX and coding standards.


The present era is dependent on tools that would make web development not only easier but meaningful and as per the requirement of the users. WordPress helps in filling the void perfectly while addressing the requirements in the most convincing manner possible.

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